Whom God Helps

Whom God Helps at The Love Horror Short Film Festival

More great film festival news! Whom God Helps, has been selected to screen at the 2014 Love Horror Short film festival presented by the Sacramento Horror Film Festival.

Our short film Screens tomorrow! Friday, June 27th 2014 @ 10:AM as a part of the SHFF “BEST OF” Short Film Program (Volume 4) The Colonial, 3522 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, California 95820.

This is the our film’s 15th film festival and we couldn’t be more proud!


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We’re excited to share our newest cut of our trailer for our short film “Whom God Helps” with VFX intro by Jason Melcher, the newest member of the Federal Film Reserve, LLC! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

an au where the human kids were gods that granted their troll champions/disciples godhoood. rose encompassed light, fortune, and luck, and one of her duties was to be the sun. she blessed kanaya, (who was under space god jade’s jurisdiction) and accidentally created the rainbowdrinkers. kanaya upon reaching god status was in charge of keeping the fabric of space tidy and rip free. she wears the fabric like a cloak and is in charge of the night sky. eventually rose and kanaya bang in their celestial forms and thus their daughter roxy was created. kanaya earns the additional title of fertility goddess  and jadebloods are then exclusively used for mothergrubs. 

roxy is born the god of the void, inheriting it from rose’s foray with the horrorterrors, and wears a shawl of it, which pretty much acts like a cloak of invisibility. and because her moms are literally a sun and space, she’s the moon, and the cloak is why the moon has different phases. and when she grows up she doubles as the god of creation. 


Official Selection 2012 Fantastic Planet Film Festival
Official Selection 2012 Shock and Gore Film Festival
Official Selection 2012 HollyShorts Film Festival
Official Selection 2012 WMIFF (Winner: Best Director Short Film)
Official Selection 2012 Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival (Finalist in the Horror category awards)
Official Selection 2012 Syracuse Horror & More Film Fest
Official Selection 2012 Atlanta Underground Film Fest
Official Selection 2012 Charlotte Horror Fest

After the last glass of champagne is finished a young upper class couple departs from a wild night of partying on a roof top deck. While playfully flirting and speaking of innuendos, the angel of death, Azrael, stalks the couple in the shadows. The new beau mentions his sexual intentions for the night only to be disappointed by her response. Azrael speaks to them manipulating their actions and words. Their conversation escalates into a furious argument as Azrael instigates, ultimately inciting a horrific act of violence. Only after fate runs its course can the will of God come into fruition.