View of Santa Fe from Fort Marcy hill, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Date: circa 1900-1905?
Negative Number 010173

Some prominent buildings in view include (left to right) St. Francis Cathedral, the Loretto Academy building, the Santa Fe County courthouse, the New Mexico capitol building, the New West Academy building, and the Palace Hotel.

I really hate this weird Americanized version of Arab Food. Falafel and Hummus along with all these other Baba Ghanouj and various other plates that White people see as dips are literally breakfast food.

It’s like me going to Egypt, and opening up a store that exclusively sells Muffins and Bagels and calling it American cuisine. 

Most Arab owned restaurants don’t even bother showcasing their own cuisine anymore, it doesn’t even sell well. All the platters, desserts, meat dishes, stews, pastries, and quite dozens of dishes are reduced to a Falafel sandwich, and some random Couscous on the side picked out Chipotle style. 

Everything is commodified and monetized, goddamn. 

Disney has announced that it will be producing its first animated feature film with two openly gay lead characters who will fall in love and, by the end of the film, even find happiness in a fairytale, same-sex wedding. The film, titled ‘Princes„ will be released to theaters in the fall of 2015.