Every white girl name ever to exist

Edit: I’m a white girl. I’m not implying anything bad by this post. If you aren’t like this and you’re white? Awesome! If you are like this and you aren’t white? Great! It’s just a post so please don’t be offended by it. It’s just in good fun so, sorry if it does make anyone upset but it was not my intention to hurt anyone.

Because this white girl has a pancake ass but wishes she had an apple bottom.

Miley wants to be black so bad, she even took out nickis tattoo to whitewash her body. This white bitch want to stay relevant so bad that she’s ridin Nicki’s coat tail.

White girls that make fun of and/ or appropriate black culture, and specifically use black women’s bodies for personal gain, have a special fucking place in hell.

If Historical Figures got Starbucks
  • Marquis de Lafayette:white chocolate carmel mocha with whipped cream- I don't think he would drink it but he would just be taking selfies and uploading pics on Instagram #whiteguuurrrrllssss
  • George III:(we all know this one) tea. Not iced just plain ol' tea
  • Sam Adams:He wouldn't buy anything, he would just trip King George and make him spill his tea.
  • William Pitt the Younger:Iced chai tea latte- Oprah style
  • George Washington:White Mocha Frappe thing
  • Thomas Jefferson:Exotic Black Coffee
  • John Hancock:Passion Fruit Iced Tea
  • Ben Franklin:Iced Chocolate Mochito
  • J.Q.A:Mocha (a plain mocha)
  • Andrew Jackson:idkkk what but something with extra espresso shots in it 😂😅
  • Marie Antoinette:the most expensive drink in the history of Starbucks
  • Louis XVI:he seems like a hot chocolate kind of guy
  • Abe Lincoln:Freed black tea (iced or hot- doesn't matter)
  • Alexander Hamilton:Iced Green Tea
  • Aaron Burr:extremely hot scolding water to dump on Alexander Hamilton