Where The Wild Things Are

New Year's Eve fashion to knock 'em dead

Securing a safe ride home

Getting really giggly on champagne

Celebrating a holiday the whole world can agree on

A gold accent nail for your manicure (extra hot if it’s DIY and didn’t run you $50 for shellac)

Calling/texting/sexting your friends who are not with you at midnight

Counting your blessings

Rocking an $8 dress or your grandmother’s fur coat 

Feeling good in your skin

Dancing like it’s your best friend’s wedding (or 29th birthday)

Dancing yourself clean

Letting Van Morrison tell you to Dance the Night Away

Dancing like you are a monster from Where the Wild Things Are

"Let[ting] the wild rumpus start!"

Remembering Y2K

Feeling indifferent or obsessive about about glitter/sequins (Do you, girl!)

Changing into outfit #2 half way through the party

Singing loudly to Robyn’s Dancing on My Own with your girlfriends

Starting your New Year’s resolutions before January 1st

Mascara that will take you 3 days to remove

Changing into your pajamas before toasting one last time

Uploading it all to Instagram

Taking January 2nd off work for an extra recovery day/head start on your resolutions

Saying “cheers!” to ALL THE THINGS

Feeling just as thankful as you did on Thanksgiving

Calling other women beautiful, not slutty

Classic winter colors, or faux pas colors, like a white dress or a red & green ensemble

Confessing or reminding someone of your love for them

Flirting with people of the same sex



Not feeling guilting about staying up late

Your natural winter complexion

Jewelry you never wear

Reapplying your lipstick at half-hour intervals

Hashtag punchlines

Spilling your drink just a little (oh well, it’s champagne)

Running to the bathroom with two of your best friends to laugh and do drunken inventory

Partying like it’s 1999

Noise-makers & pointed hats

Sloppy, yet meaningful hugs

Having a heart-to-heart with your frenemy

Taking selfies

Too-short skirts & nip-slips

Linking arms and huddling while smoking outside because it’s cold and you’re not wearing tights

Getting into an empty bathtub with your clothes on

Being kind to everyone

Complimenting people on how drunk they are

Photo booths (professional or DIY)