You Don't Owe Me Anything (Live) + Speech
  • You Don't Owe Me Anything (Live) + Speech
  • Tonight Alive
  • Live at Koko (this should be an album)

You Don’t Owe Me Anything - Live

Most magical night of my life. Thank you so much to Tonight Alive for making me feel alive! I wouldn’t have traded my night for anything else in the world.

Also, thank you to gemini-moonstone I have never smiled and cried so much in my entire life and honestly, I felt so honoured to be able to listen to this song live as it is my favourite. Third time seeing you was definitely the best. Hopefully, next time I meet you, I can actually get a picture with you. I couldn’t quite muster the words or the nerve to tell you how much you mean to me in the time we had together so I guess this is my attempt at doing what I forgot to do last night. Thank you so much. Hope you have a great rest of the tour!

(this is so soppy and lame of me i’m sorry)