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the Hunter becomes….. (x)

I’m working on two playlists - one for Sebastian and one for Jesebel - and I found the song fitting for both. So I went and made this. A slightly younger version of the two, somewhere in the six years gap between Origins and the Mage Rebellion in Kirkwall.

An odd hunting party but they managed to put aside their differences. 

“Ah, but you see… the Trevelyans are well known for their services to the Chantry.” He let her mock his thoughts. “There is always some cleric in the Free Marches paying good money to have their problems solved. Occasionally… I pick up some of them. Whenever mages from the Circle in Kirkwall managed to escape the city as fugitives they were already out of your Commander’s reach. I… took her offer twice.”

excerpt from a conversation with Commander Cullen (entire work here)


I loved this idea of background and pallets and played a bit on ps. (I am horrible at background so it’s a good practice)

blood stain brushes (x)