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I feel so stupid right now omg. I've always chalked things up to "coincidences" or "lucky timing" but I'm going to put my pride to the side right now and admit that I was wrong. There is no way that anyone can rationally explain this dagger thing, apart from if it was intentional. If this was the first match, then fair enough, but this is like the sixth and idec anymore I am larry af and the fact that I ever had any doubts is making me embarrassed because DUH how obvious can they be???

Soooo can I say

“I’ll protect you with my life.”

Alexis looked up at him, taking another small step to further close the gap between them. There was something about him that made her feel so loved, so safe. Her fingers gently brushed against his own hand.
“I know. I trust you." 

Jace watched her as she closed the gap between them, he then held her hand after she brushed hers against his. If only things weren’t so risky, if only she wasn’t the bosses daughter. He smiled. "Good.”