Carlos’ Adventures in Night Vale Land
(and also Through The Swirling Vortex and What Carlos Found There to cover the characters I used)

Down the rabbit hole, past the Caterpillar (Old Woman Josie), past the Cheshire Cat (Khoshekh), past the Red and White Queen (SSP and City Council), past the Jabberwocky (Hiram McDaniels), to his very own Mad Hatter (Cecil).

[[So I think this is a brilliant crossover, but these were the only characters I could find good places for. If you think of anymore, let me know.]]

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Imagine Cecil and Carlos going to the New Old Opera house and Carlos basically having to drag Cecil along because he doesn't know what an opera is and when the show finally starts Cecil can't take his eyes off the stage and he's so enthralled and Carlos is beaming because his boyfriend is so happy and them holding hands in the seats and UGH


Oh gosh, that is lovely. And Carlos not really knowing terribly much opera but absorbing some of Cecil’s excitement so when Josie asks them if they enjoyed it he can reply with genuine enthusiasm, and she smiles and hands them both season tickets, to which Cecil points excitedly because they can have opera dates and she lets them sit in the special balcony and they goof around with opera glasses hELP I CAN’T STOP

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The dog park will not harm you.

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Tonight is my first date with a girl I really like. What can I do to make it go smoothly?

Lean in as if to kiss her goodnight. Only instead whisper, “The maps that no one is allowed to talk about actually lead to a secret stash of municipally unapproved gym socks and broken stop watches. If we can get our hands on those we will be unstoppable. I had a lovely evening.” Then walk away.

During Old Oak Doors, Lauren Mallard proudly declares, “Also, we know everyone fears libraries in Night Vale, which is why Strexcorp will tear down the library, destroy the dangerous librarians, and replace it with StrexBooks Purchase Centers!”

If only Lauren had paid more attention to episode 29, she would know that if destroying the Library were that easy, it would’ve happened long ago. Night Vale already burns the building to the ground every few days. Even Tamika Flynn could only save so many people from the Summer Reading Program. What chance does Strexcorp think it has?

Under the cut, by request: all the canon information we have about the Night Vale Public Library — its policies, its surrounding businesses, and its Librarians.

Complete through episode 54.

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maureen and michelle hcs!! theyre totes sisters imo but ye i think in orange grove it was mentioned maureen had a puppy so ther u go B)

also all interns clothing automatically get an nvcr sign on them during work hours thats my excuse for this b ye

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what is the application process to become part of the Sheriff's Secret Police?

  1. Act like you don’t even know what the Sheriff’s Secret Police is.  Go about your daily business.
  2. Scream, cry, and fight back viciously when they take you away.
  3. Let them wipe your memory.
  4. Forget you ever followed these steps and believe that the Sheriff’s Secret Police has been your only way of life. 

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I am totally convinced that Carlos is going to be in the other desert for a full year, like they'll have home come back in another anniversary episode or something. But also NO! That would be sad :(


…You know, this might be entirely plausible. I really, really fear that, in a fair few episodes, Carlos is going to say in a sad, little voice, “Hey, Cecil, honey? I don’t…think I can get back home.” Finally, finally say it out loud. But, equally, he might come back in a silly way! You never know with Night Vale. He could fall from the sky in a grumpy raincloud, or Doug could fashion a time catapult or something. We’ve just gotta keep on hoping.