Weimar Germany


A woman named Betty Karrenbauer was photographed in Weimar, Germany in the 1920’s.  Little is known about her, but these photos have been posted all over Tumblr and while her life remains a mystery, she would surely have been fun to time travel with.  I’m sure someone will tell her story one day.

August 11th 1919: Weimar Constitution adopted

On this day in 1919, the constitution of the Weimar Republic was officially adopted. The Republic was formed to govern Germany following World War One, and was intended to be a democratic federal republic with a parliament and president. The first president, Friedrich Ebert, signed the Constitution onto law on this day. The constitution was technically still valid during the Third Reich under Adolf Hitler, but he essentially ignored its provisions.

"The power of the state emanates from the people"
- First article of the constitution

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My story is called “The Disappearance of Pepper Stein.” It’s about an underground queer nightclub known as “Bahnhof,” which occupies an abandoned turn-of-the-century Manhattan metro station. Despite its outlandish fashions and glorious performances, this club is drowning in submerged dark secrets: false identities, affairs, blackmail, and murder. And they are all about to surface.

Phaedra M, a bumbling and adorable private investigator heads to the nightclub to search for Pepper Stein, a wild socialite (the daughter of Brooklyn sausage magnate Saul Stein) who has taken off with a fortune of her father’s money.

This story is campy, glamorous, and deeply queer. It’s an homage to four of my favorite things: Agatha Christie, Paris is Burning, Michael Alig, and Weimar Germany. Those all go together, right? No? Oh well. I’ve been working really hard on the art for this story. As some of you know, most of my comics have been pastiche, based on “drag”ing out the work of renowned cartoonists. This time, though, I’m continuing in the style developed for my piece in QU33R. No references, just free drawing. It takes forever, but i’m happy with the results. More updates soon!!