Although not in any official HK configuration, this particular rifle is a mix and match of the SR9, PSG-1, and G3SG1. Very expensive build considering the prices of the parts, not including the SR9 polygonal barrel. This would be a hard sell considering most HK owners are purists that prefer original configurations, and most average gun owners don’t want to or have the money to shell on a “Frankengun” even if its a quality build. (GRH)

  • Heavy Bipod = $450
  • HK Clubfoot Stock = $150~
  • Zeiss Diavari Scope = $1,000+
  • G3SG1 30mm Scope Mount = $300~
  • PSG-1 Lower/Trigger Group = $1,000+

I can’t quite put my finger on why, but this may be one of my favourite kung fu related photos ever.
Probably because it depicts what, these days, would be considered a “nerdy dude” using one of the most difficult and heavy martial arts weapons there is, the Guandao. It just encapsulates so much. For me, at least.

The photo was taken in the early 70’s and the guy wielding the Guandao is actually one of Grandmaster Yip Chi Sum’s senior Bak Mei students.


Talon Gun Grip

Normally you see the peel on rough textured grip decals on pistols, such as the Glock, but I suppose AR-15’s are also possible candidates. Note that the magwell decal does not obstruct or cover up the serial number. Some people prefer going the “do-it-yourself” route and buy a roll of skateboard tape and cut it to fit their gun. (GRH)