WWII exhibit nearly eliminated thanks to new gun laws


Troy Luginbill, who runs the Lynden Pioneer museum in Washington State, was almost forced to remove his World War II exhibit after the state passed sweeping new “tough” gun regulation.

From Fox News:

Tough new gun controls in the state of Washington had the director of a small-town museum ready to pull nearly a dozen guns from a World War II exhibit, until a local firearms dealer helped him ensure the display was legal.

Troy Luginbill, who runs the Lynden Pioneer museum, in Lynden, a town of 12,000 in the northwest corner of the state just five miles from the Canadian border, said he pored through Initiative 594, a law passed earlier this month, and determined an exhibit entitled “Over the Beach: The WWII Pacific Theater” could spell trouble for the tiny museum. The exhibit features 11 guns of World War II vintage, on loan from various collectors.

"The museum will be returning these guns to their owners, because as of Dec. 4, we would be in violation of the law if we had loaned firearms that had not undergone the background check procedure,”

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What would we do without government making sure that WW2 era weapons sitting in museums in glass cases are registered with the state? Sheesh.


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