System: PC

Release: TBA

Developer: KaiserCVR, Fenrir

Devlog: forums.tigsource.com

Description: “Wanderer is a 2D, low-res Sci-fi cinematic platformer/adventure game that tells the tale of a man named Rook, a greying convict who wakes from cold sleep aboard an orbital prison facility that’s crash landed on the ruins of an Earth long since abandoned by humanity. With the guidance of a hacker named Jin, Rook must navigate the station, and struggle to survive against rioting prisoners and the bizarre extradimensional beasts that haunt the dead planet. Core gameplay merges pseudo-turn based combat, puzzle solving, dialogue choice/decision making, and non-linear exploration into a story driven, immersive experience.”

To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world. You are surrounded by adventure. You have no idea of what is in store for you, but you will, if you are wise and know the art of travel, let yourself go on the stream of the unknown and accept whatever comes in the spirit in which the gods may offer it. For this reason your customary thoughts, all except the rarest of your friends, even most of your luggage - everything, in fact, which belongs to your everyday life, is merely a hindrance. The tourist travels in his own atmosphere like a snail in his shell and stands, as it were, on his own perambulating doorstep to look at the continents of the world. But if you discard all this, and sally forth with a leisurely and blank mind, there is no knowing what may happen to you.

Freya Stark, Baghdad Sketches

Precisely what I desire.


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