MOD COTT ON THE LAKE Mell Lawrence Architects 

A simple metal volume perched on a bluff offers targeted views of the lake below. The guesthouse and weekend retreat complements a nearby stone residence and although it is “on the grid,” its 14 solar panels collect enough energy to power its intermittent use. Rainwater is collected from the roof for household use and the xeriscaping requires no irrigation. The house is oriented to the south, its galvanized metal exterior punctuated by windows that frame vignettes to the east and west. 

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A sunny yellow can brighten up an entryway. To keep the color from being overwhelming, white wainscoting is used.

To pick the perfect shade of yellow paint, find the color you like on the chip, then step it down two shades. When swathed across a large wall, the yellow looks so much brighter than the chip.

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Accentuate your best features. Consider updating your bathroom by adding wainscoting. Not only does it add a big impact but is a great way to enhance texture, color and pattern to a bathroom space.The clean lines of this classic vanity pair nicely with the beautiful wainscoting, adding a layer of depth to this timeless, traditional style.