Thank u for tagging me Zoe I’m bored as heck

Nicknames: literally none try to make a nickname out of Austin I dare you

Birthday: May 23rd

Sexual Orientation: Men and Jessica Alba

Favorite Colors: Green, Red, Charcoal, Black

Sleep: Often

Lucky Number: 10, it just is okay.

Last Thing I Googled: “how much do you have to make to get a tax return”

First word comes to mind: phallic 

Happy Place: an empty beach.

How many blankets I use: 1/2

Favorite Fictional Characters: Santana Lopez from Glee. That’s the only one I can think of.

Favorite Book: I’m really not a reader. Will Grayson Will Grayson was really good, also Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling was bomb as hell

Favorite Movie: Scott Pilgrim vs the World or Dead Poets Society?? And Kingsman

Favorite TV Shows: Survivor/Big Brother/RuPaul’s Drag Race/Modern Family/Parks and Rec

Favorite Male Actor: Samuel L. Jackson/Robin Williams 

Favorite Female Actress: Jessica Alba/Kristen Wiig

Last Movie I Saw: Insurgent

Dream Holiday: New Zealand/Australia with all expenses paid with my partner 


Dream Job: Owning a television show

Clothes currently: cute shirt, 3/4ths sleeves, blue sleeves, white other part, blue pocket. Black pants, black socks, B)

Favorite Shoes? Brown Dr. Marten Boots

Last Book: Whatever I had to read for school last Winters Bone I believe

What word makes you the most uncomfortable? Guacamole, portfolio, clitoris

Goal for 10 years: masters degree, hot husband, new location,

Fear: death

I tag wagon-wheel-watusi abovesuspicions ayo-bacon sweet-feather-prince literally anyone


Training to become best ox. Wagon wheel pulls from last week at @barbellbrigade.