I’ve hooked up with a lot of guys, uh, The Usos, Roman Reigns… you know, I like to travel with a good Polynesian crew, make me feel safe. Uh, Heath Slater, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, those are all guys I get along with well on the road. I’ve travelled with Cesaro here and there. He’s a crazy driver. He’s a good transporter, and not just because he looks like Jason Statham. He’ll go like… he got us from, like, Seattle to Yakama or something, almost like a 350 mile drive, and he did it in like two and a half hours. It’s ridiculous. He will go 110 miles an hour, and just be weaving in and out of traffic, like, just focused, drinking coffee… he’ll cover so much ground real quick, it’s insane. And, somehow, he never gets a ticket, it’s crazy.
—  Dean Ambrose, on who he prefers to travel with.
There will always be like…a “Song of the Week” that everybody’s listenin’ to, like for some reason…the second week of the tour, we were just playing “Here Comes the Hot Steppa”…just OVER and OVER in the locker room, like before the show! I think we were going a little “cabin fever’/”stir-crazy” on the road in Europe, cause we were—you know—had so many…uh…so many straight shows over there. There was this, like,…everybody walks in the locker room, puts their bags down, everybody’s kinda just like “Uh…alright, let’s get going here…” and then BOOM! Put on a little “Here Comes the Hot Steppa” and now (he starts humming the song), the engine’s coming up a little bit. There’s always like a “Song of the Week” that everybody’s like…”The Locker Room Song of the Week”…It could be anything, you know? It’s kinda just like “Oh! YEAH! I remember this song! Yeah, I like this song!” So…it’s good to bring a classic back to the mix.
—  Dean Ambrose on music. (x)
I was in the airport the other day and this lady, I don’t know what she was on, but she was like; ‘Is there really a monkey in there?’ It was five in the morning and I’m like, what are you… what? So I look at it and I’m like, ‘Lady, it says MONEY.’ And she’s like, ‘Oh… well I think you could fit a monkey in there anyway.’ A Monkey in the Bank, what? There’s nothing about a monkey. Like, where’d you see this K at, because I can’t find it anywhere.
—  Seth Rollins, on his Money in the Bank briefcase.
We all are professionals here and AJ and I have been working with each other for a while. And when you start to work with certain girls, you get excited for them when they win. She and I wanted to have this long old match [at Survivor Series] and it’s still gonna be a lot of fun with her. I enjoy working with her in the ring and this just put another layer into our story. We’re gonna keep coming up with magic.
—  Nikki Bella on if there was heat between her and Aj Lee after Survivor Series
I don’t like my wrestling or entertainment in general to be too clean or predictable for me as a fan. When I say clean, I’m not talking about dirty jokes, middle fingers and stuff like that. I’m actually not even a big fan of that. A lot of people talk about the attitude era being so great but a lot of it was terrible crap, sex jokes and over-the-top terrible bad comedy. It was Jerry Springer-like. They made a joke about a woman’s breasts. Hilarious, but where’s the wrestling? I look back on a lot of stuff now, and I’m like where’s the wrestling? It’s just a lot of crappy jokes.
—  Dean Ambrose on the Attitude Era.
My favourite match I ever had in the WWE system was a 30 minute iron man match with Dean Ambrose, down in FCW. That was… THAT may be my favourite match that I’ve ever had. Ambrose and I, we had never worked before. We had both got to developmental, but we had never… we worked in separate circles but kind of came up at the same time. He was doing his thing on the East coast and I was in the mid-West and we’d never really crossed paths, aside from an Honor show or two, here and there. Then we got to developmental and they were like, oh they’re both independent wrestlers, let’s put them together. And we were head and shoulders really, our in-ring work was considered above everybody else and we had an instant chemistry right away. You said earlier, you just get in there and it’s so easy, you just felt like you had a thousand matches with this guy.
—  Seth Rollins, on his favourite match with the WWE.