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What the Heart Wants - Ashton Fluff

Hands fisting the sheets above my head, everything moved in slow motion as i remembered how he used to intertwine our fingers. As his head flew back and eyes closed i remembered him dropping down to leave marks on my neck, whispering into my ear as we let go together. I remembered the slow movements and lingering hot kisses as he rolled over and off me to lay on his back against the sheets. What was once loving now meaningless, emotionless and empty. I felt scared rather than loved inside, memories killing me a little bit more as i looked over to see a boy who i longed to tell me he loved me like i loved him fall asleep without a word. My cue to let the pain i was feeling out, turning away from him i heard his breathing soften as mine got caught in my throat. Clasping a hand over my mouth and squeezing my eyes closed as tears escaped. Curling myself into a ball
I silently fell apart as everything i had feared in the last few months started to feel so real. I had seen it coming, the silence between us becoming so loud, the lack of contact having me yearn for him who was only ever a few feet away from me. I’d accepted it a long before now that the slow and painful fate for us was taking place, and now i had to let go no matter how badly i wanted to cling on.

Wiping the tears from my eyes, i had to get used to him not doing it for me as i stood up searching for my cloths. The midnight darkness causing me to be miss matched pulling on leggings and a hooded jumper. Throwing my hair into a pony tail, slipping on old converse and gulping back the lump in my throat as they only reminded me of him, looking over to see him laying there peaceful on the bed, i took in his features one last time before forcing myself from the spot and turning to the door. Heart beating out of my chest as i heard him shuffle on the bed and i rushed now running down the stairs. My heart racing, head spinning so much i felt dizzy, i didn’t want him to see me leave, i didn’t want to see him hurt or maybe i just feared that instead of fighting for what we had once he would let me go.

Tripping over my untied laces i saw the staircase tumble, my eyes closing and stomach churning with adrenaline. Feeling myself spin, body hitting the floor with a hard thump. Laying there i failed to find the energy to move, not caring if i never got up again. Life without him wasn’t worth picking myself up for. Letting my eyes open i left discomfort from developing bruises and an ache in my ribs, wincing as i sat up. Hearing coming back with the sounds of muffled calls from a deeper voice. I was aware of my body being shook a pair of strong hands gripping my arms and a concerned face appearing before me.

"Y/N? Y/N?!" He kneeled down beside me as i snapped back to reality.

"Ashton?" Standing myself up i did everything possible to stop suspicion and wonder creep in, he held me so i wouldn’t fall before i stumbled and his hands caught me on my feet.

"Hey…easy, are you okay? You fell down the stairs…what? What were you…" Cupping my face i was forced to look at him as he studied me for answers. Uncomfortable and vulnerable i backed away watching him become confused.

"Y/N?" Staring at the floor i pulled the sleeves of my hoody over my hands playing with the material nervously as he noticed i was dressed.

"What? What..where were you going? Its, its almost 1am, you’ll freeze outside…" Staying silent we stood facing one another, his hand reaching out to lift my chin causing me to see his face. A small amount of stubble on his chin showing his maturity, lips rosy and parted as he waited for me to answer, Something that i now couldn’t bare to let him know. My eyes traveling up to meet his which had me weak, tears pooling into my own that i guessed were bloodshot from the strain of trying to be strong.

His hand reached up to push hair back from his forehead, sighing out he bit down on his lip. Both of us knowing the truth that neither of us would confess. His shirtless body moving away from me, feeling the cool atmosphere building again. Backing up more i was stuck on his movements as he got further away. Picking up the photo of us in happier times he looked down at it before throwing it against the wall casing me to shake with fear. The glass shattered on the floor, it looked like i felt.

"Go on then, leave. Walk away without a word, go on! See what i care! Thats where you were going, don’t lie. Go just…get out." His eyes were dark, jaw clenched and voice venomous with frustration and built up emotion. A tear slid and i backed towards the door. He watched me, not moving or stopping me with words he let me get to the door, eyes burning into my skin. Using my hand to turn the handle, it creek open and i looked back at him one more time, his face fallen from my last glance before he turned abruptly. Facing away from one another again i felt my heart burst with proven fear that we had nothing left. With the slam of the door i walked away empty. Gasping for air as i fell to my knees on the pathway.

Rummaging behind me i heard the opening suddenly letting light from what was our home shine on me like a spot light as i cried.

"No!" Grabbing me from i was wrapped up in warmth as he fell down with me and i was rocked in his arms.

"I love you. I love you!" Over and over he said the words i yearned for. Gripping onto him the tears flowed down my face.

"Please, i love you. I do Y/N. I love you. I didn’t mean it…" Nodding i had no words as his voice cracked. Mixed emotions of sadness, relief, happiness swirling around, the words making me feel safe for the first time in too long. For the first time in too long i had hope, i felt wanted, needed and loved. Feelings i had only memories of until now. We needed this, we needed to let it all out, built up anger and frustration pouring from our eyes.

"I, i love y, you Ashton." Stuttering the words between breaths he lifted me. Carrying us both back into the house, the cold air disappeared as did the atmosphere created between us. Kicking the door shut, i was back inside where i belonged with him. Settling for the couch we curled up without words. Laying like that for a while, comfortable in each others presence we both enjoyed being able to be so close. Watching as the morning light started to come through the window he curled my hair around his fingers.

"I know we’ve not been the same for a while…but please don’t leave. It might be selfish but i love you too much to let you go without trying everything i can to fix us." Resting my head against his chest i snuggled into him hearing his horse voice.

"I have to be selfish too, i cant let you go Ash." Mumbling the words i felt him sigh out relief from a breath he had been holding back. Dropping his head down our lips touched shyly, like the first time again and i closed my eyes in absolute content with him. My arms snaking round his neck, his messing with my hair as out tongues tangled together. Real emotion between us for the first time in so long, i was so in love with the feeling of his lips against mine, so in love with his touch.

"I know we’re going to be okay Y/N… Because that spark, the warm feeling, those butterflies…they are still there every time i look at you, every time i touch you. We might have grown distant but I’m just as in love with you as i ever was and i’m not going to give that up." Our foreheads pressed together and i closed my eyes, at last i didn’t feel so alone.

"Thats why it hurts so much…because theres so much there to fight for." Weakly i whispered for his ears only even though there was nobody else near it felt safer to be in our own little world.

"We’re going to be okay." More confident i spoke agreeing with him. Kissing again my lips ached for him, breaking into smiles, our lips lingered as the sun came up. Grazing my hand over his cheek he pulled back to look at me, taking in detail of my face, giving me those butterflies i hadn’t felt in so long.

"I missed this."

6. She Got It


I was having a good dream then all of a sudden I felt his tongue hit my clit and I open my eyes to Quan between my legs 



He said and kept licking an sucking on my pearl. I grabbed the sheets an arched of the bed. It was feeling so good.


He slapped my thigh an pulled me back to him as I started to inch away from him. He grip on my thighs got tighter the more he licked and sucked on my clit. I knew my sister was next door so I put my hand over my mouth to muffle the moans.

I felt my legs start to shake and I grabbed his shoulder and tried to push him away but he kept his lips attached to mine. I felt myself cum then he licked it clean then climbed on top of me and lifted my shirt and started kissing and sucking on my nipples. 

He spread my legs an grabbed himself and pushed inside me. 


I smacked his chest as he leaned down and kissed me and moved to my neck. He was biting and sucking all over my neck while he stroked my body. 

I put my hands on his back an held on while he pushed deeper and deeper inside me. 


I moaned in his ear an he grunted an said

"Say that shit again"

He grabbed my hips and started stroking faster It felt so good I just called his name over and over again an when my bed started hitting the wall I smacked his arm an said

"My sister next door baby stop"

"Her ass sleep she ain’t trippin"

I frowned and bit my bottom lip as he increased his pace an thought, she ain’t sleep an if she was in sure she ain’t now.

Me and Quan went at for a hour or so. I pulled away from him and he went into the bathroom. I laid on my stomach and closed my eyes and he came out and climbed back in bed next to me and asked

"You have a good time last night?"

"Yeah it was alright"

I moved over and laid on his chest and said

"Michael tried to fight me"


His body jerked up as he sat up an I said

"Don’t even worry about him Quan"

"That niggah put his hands on you?"

"No Drew stopped him and I had security show him out"

"Who the fuck is Drew?"

"A friend"

"Hmm what kinda friend?"

"Don’t go there, what you doing here anyway I thought I wouldn’t see you till Sunday"

"Ya ass was mad last time we talked ya know I don’t like that shit, so I came to make up"

"I wasn’t mad Quan I just said we need to stop doing this shit"

I outlined his ink stained chest an he kissed my forehead an said

"Ya know I luhh ya right?"


"Remember that shit next time ya question how I feel, ya ain’t my girl but ya should be"

I closed my eyes and wrapped my arm around him an he said

"I’m headed to Atlanta for a while, ya goin miss me?"

"Why you going to Atlanta?"

"Gotta meet with a connect, some niggah name Cole been trying to steal our suppliers and he wanted to talk to me basically get a better deal than what Cole offering"

"Oh okay, so when will you be back?"

"Ya ass going miss me?"


I said looking up at him and he shook his head then said

"A week or so I ain’t sure, I’ll call ya an let ya know"

I laid my head back on his chest then there was a soft knock an then Quinn said 

"I made breakfast freaks"

Quinn laughing then I said


"I’m go, I gotta pack an shit"


We got up an I slipped my panties back on an some shorts and he put his clothes back on. Then we headed down stairs. I walked to the door an he said

"I’ll see ya later baby"

He leaned over to kiss me an I moved an said

"Come see me before you leave

He pulled me to him and kissed my lips while he grabbed my ass. I love those aggressive kisses. He let me go and turned and walked out the door and I closed it an when I turned around Quinn was standing there with her arms folding across her chest. 

"Y’all do this when no one is around, why y’all do it and I’ll know I’m in there trying to sleep"


"I’m so jealous, why I don’t have no one to wake me up like that"

She whined and I laughed and said

"You so childish"

"Y’all so cute Bam, I like you with Quan but last night you looked comfortable with Drew" 

"Me an Quan just friends"

She frowned an said

"Yeah right, not the way he had you screaming"

I put my hand on my head an said

"I’m sorry didn’t know we was that loud"

"He wasn’t you was, I don’t know why y’all won’t just date, y’all could be perfect for each other bossy asses"

"Shut up"

"I put some headphones in you good, it’s your house I can’t complain anyway"

We walked into the kitchen an then I washed my hands and sat down and we prayed and ate. After breakfast we sat in my living room an talked 

"Michael called again he wants to apologize to you an see me"

"What you tell him?"

"I just said I would talk to you and let him know"

"Well tell him nah and you don’t be stupid and go talk to him"

"Bam I miss him"

"Why Trent seems nice an he don’t strike me as the stupid type fuck with him"

I said laying on the couch putting my feet on my coffee table. She laid back an said

"Trent’s nice but he ain’t Michael Bam"

"Thank god, I don’t know what you see in that niggah"

"Michael ain’t that bad, he just does stupid shit, we all do I can’t judge him"

I looked at her and sighed I knew this side of her and I knew what was coming next her dumb ass was about to go back to him. 

"Quinn don’t be stupid"

She put her hand over her head then said

"I love him Bam what am I suppose to do, just walk away, it ain’t that easy"

I sat up an said

"You love him, he don’t love you he always does this, love don’t put his hands on you or disrespect you hell he tried to hit me Quinn, you stupid if you take his bitch ass back"

"You don’t get it"

She said as she got up and walked toward the kitchen and I got up an followed her and said 

"No I don’t, cause you to fucken smart to let this niggah play you like this, an it ain’t the first time what’s it’s gone take?"

I watched the tears fall down her face then I pulled her into a hug an see wrapped her hands around me and said 

"I don’t know what to do Bam"

"This shit is not going to be easy I understand but baby you can do better you deserve better don’t let this nigga continue to walk over you"

"I wish I was more like you"

"You more like me than you think"

She pulled away and whipped her face an said

"Okay I’ll just stay away from him, you mind having a roomate till I can get my stuff out and find my own place"

"I’ll help you find a place and when you ready to get ya stuff call Gram and Kendrick"


She walked to the fridge and got a water and asked

"So have you heard from Andrew?"

"We texted the rest of the night, he’s to much"

I said shaking my head, he was really sweet. I appreciate him stepping in he just don’t know if Michael would have hit me I would have tried my best to kill that niggah, I don’t know why I even let him go on this long when he was putting his hands on my sister. If I could keep him away from her then I could get rid of him for good. 



"I asked if you like Andrew?"

"Yeah he’s nice, he’s a sweet guy"

I couldn’t tell yet but I felt like Andrew was keeping something hidden. Like maybe he was holding himself back, everything we talked about work he would get tense an he didn’t like the subject of work because every time I mentioned it he would start talking about something else, he kept changing the subject.

"He was all over you I think he really likes you"

Quinn said swinging her feet back and forth as she sat on the counter.

"Maybe, I don’t have time for any distractions"

"I think you’ll like this distraction though, I don’t think Quan will since he had laid claim to you"

Quinn phone rang on the counter and I looked at it and sure enough it was Michael. I picked it up an said

"What niggah?"

"Put my girl on the phone"

"You don’t have a girl"

"Man Bam, come on I need to talk to her"

"Has she been and answering your calls?"

"If you give her the phone she might have, why you always gotta be a bitch, you know she going come back to me"


I looked at my sister and she was wiping away tears an I just knew sooner or later she would be talk to him. An I knew he would be back in good with her cause that’s what he does wiggle and scheme his way back in good with her. 

I walked toward my living room an said 

"I should kill your bitch ass and my sister would finally be done with you"

"Don’t fucken threaten me bitch, you ain’t gotta give her the phone it’s just a matter of time, I see her ass when she get home"

"If your punk ass in that house when we get there you dead, try me"

"Fuck you"

He hung up. I looked at the phone then turned to walk back into the kitchen an she was standing there looking pitiful.

"Fix your face now"

"Sorry I know he just going keep calling"

"Don’t apologize for him" 

"What we doing today?"

"You not going in to the club?"

"No I have them two days off I needed a break"

"Damn Quinn two days?"

"Sorry, I was stressing Bam"

I shook my head then handed her, her phone and headed to my room to grab my phone and see if I had anything new. 

When I got to my room I sat down on my bed and picked up my phone and saw a missed called from Ace and text from Kyianna an Drew.

KyLowLow: Sorry about last night but I feel better, think we can have a girls dinner tonight instead of the club I want to talk to y’all bout something

I haven’t even noticed she wasn’t there, damn I text back an said 

Me: that’s fine Umm I think Ace, Kelsey, Laylith coming that’s okay?

KyLowLow: yeah Alexia coming to so that’s fine

Me: everything okay?

KyLowLow: yeah just need to catch up

Me: alright love you be safe today

KyLowLow: love you more

KyLowLow: always 

I wonder what’s that’s about, I open up Drew text and he wrote 

Drew: afternoon beautiful 

I smiled an then text back

Me️: hey Drew

Me: how are you?

Drew: can I see you today?

Me: I don’t know can you?

Drew: yes I can

Me️: how you know I ain’t busy?

Drew: word, you busy sexy?

Me: let me check with my girl an ill text you back

Drew: alright

I laughed an then Quinn knocked then peaked in my room an said

"Trent wants to hang out, what should I say?"

"What you want to do?"

"I don’t like being alone with him"


I asked laughing she looked so serious and she said

"Bam I be wanting to do things to him, then he be touching and kissing he is trouble"

"Oh my god Quinn go hang out with him, go some where in public"

"Like that’s going stop his hands"

She said walking out. Ace called and I answered and she said

"The product went out everyone picked up except Quinn"

"She closed the club so she’ll pick up tomorrow before they open"

"Alright, Kyianna dropped of a stack and Laylith did to"

"Alright lock it up an ill be in later"

"Nah you suppose to be taking a break I’ll handle it, see you Monday"


"Me and Gran got it bye Bam"

She hung up

"I’m kick her ass"

I said looking at my phone and Quinn walked back in an said 


"Ace, what you doing back?"

"Trent want me to come over I said we was on our way"


"Yeah, I told him to tell his cousin to stick around so y’all can chat"


"What he didn’t want to go out and this way if you there I’ll be more comfortable"

"I seen y’all kissing y’all pretty damn comfortable"

I looked down at my phone and texted Drew

Me️: I’ll see you in thirty minutes or so

Drew: so you coming to me?

Me: yes your cousin idea

Drew: alright see you then beautiful

I got up an headed to the shower and Quinn left out my room. This might be fun.



After Anbiya said she would be here in thirty I got up an started tryin to clean up a little. We weren’t slobs but we didn’t have shoes everywhere and red cups sitting in different spots. 

After I cleaned I went to Trent room he was sitting on the side of his bed on his phone

"Why you ain’t tell me you invited them over?"

"I invited Quinn, she said she ain’t want to leave Bam so I said bring her"


He finally looked up from his phone an I said

"We’ll they on they way, I’m go hop in the shower"

I walked out an went up stairs and got in the shower and then started getting ready. 

After my shower I walked out an went to my closet and took out some black jeans an blue and green plaid shirt. I put lotion in the sprayed some cologne on an got dressed I heard the door bell when I was pulling up my pants. I slipped my J’s on then headed down stairs.

I walked out an went down and didn’t see Trent then heard him yell, 

"Drew get the door"

I laughed and open the door and Anbiya stood next to her sister an they was laughing then they looked at me and Quinn said


"Come in"

They walked in and Bam said 

"I didn’t realize you had so many tattoos"

I smirked as she looked down at my chest. Quinn stood back then said 

"Where Trent?"

Bam walking toward the couch an then I watched her switch her hips and Quinn snapped at me an said 

"Stop looking at Bam ass"

Quinn said walking over and sitting next to Bam. I closed the door and said

"I’m go finish getting ready, y’all relax make ya self-comfortable I be back"

I ran back upstairs and grabbed my shirt and my phone slipped it in my pocket and put my towel in my bathroom an walked back down stairs. 

"Where Trent?"

Quinn asked when I walked back into the living room she was looking at the pictures on the wall and Bam was sitting on the couch with her head in her phone.

"Down the hall first door on the right"

"I be back Bam"

She walked down the hall and I walked over and sat next to Bam an asked

"How ya doin?"

"Good, you?"

"Good now"

She looked up at me an put her phone down an said

"So what you been doing?"

"Chilling, thinking about you all day"

"Hmm, game weak bruh"

"Damn ma fa reel"

"Come on try that again"

She said turning toward me and I smiled. This girl going keep me on my toes. 

"Nah real talk I been thinking about you all day"


I moved closer to her and she looked at me and said 

"Why you not at work?"

"We got a shipment in so me and Trent going go in tomorrow and get shit ready to sell"

She looked at me and I said

"Get it ready for the store you know"

She nodded then looked down an said 


She looked nervous an kinda made me smile to know I had a little effect on her. Every time I was close to this girl all I wanted to do was kiss her, but she put a little fear in me she wasn’t like most girls I could tell off top she wasn’t bout that bullshit and she ain’t play games. 

Something about her though had me mad attracted to her and I couldn’t help that I wanted her. I didn’t want to be to aggressive but I didn’t want to come off like a bitch either, I think she need someone aggressive because she so aggressive herself. 

She was looking down at her phone and smiled an bit her bottom lip I said 

"Fuck it"

I put my hand I her chin and lifted her head and pressed my lips to hers. Her lips were so soft and the kiss was damn, the way her lips moved with mine had me wanted to take her ass to my room. 

I licked her bottom lip an she gave me access as our tongues fought around an she grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me closer.

I kissed from her lips then slowly moved down her jaw to her neck and  and moved from her neck. She was moaning an I loved the way she sounded then her phone went off an she pushed me an jumped up an picked up the phone


"No just with Drew"

I moved closer to her as she stood there and talked and could have sworn I heard a niggah voice. But she said she ain’t have a niggah thou. 


I woke up feeling good. I didn’t have to be into work till 12, it was only 8 I texted Christian 

Me: I don’t go in till 12:30 

Chris: what you doing now?

Me: laying down, just woke up

Chris: an you was thinking about me

Me: boy bye I just thought about the lunch you suppose to buy me

Chris: yeah alright 

Me: so I guess another time then

Chris: nah, I’m come get you now and let’s go get breakfast

Me: I can cook

Chris: alright shoot me your address

Me: you ain’t slick I ain’t telling you where I live

Chris: I ain’t crazy ma

Me: I don’t know that

Chris: well after last night I don’t think I want to cross Bam, she protective bout her girls

Me: yes she is, okay

I sent the address then got up and got in the shower an went and started breakfast. I was stirring the eggs when there was a knock on my door then it stopped and then he started making a beat on the door.

I open the door an Christian had the biggest smile on his face and he was laughing an I shook my head and he walked in and grabbed me and held me so close, he put his face in the crook of my neck an kissed me an asked 

"How you sleep sexy?"

"Good how about you?"

"Damn you smell good girl"

I giggled and he pulled away an let me go an I said

"Thank you"

"What you cooking baby?"


I said turning around headed back to the kitchen and he grabbed me and wrapped his arms around me and started kissing the side of my face. 

"Smart ass what kinda food baby?"

I giggled and said

"Eggs waffles bacon an oatmeal"

"Can I have you for desert?"

"No move Christian"

I giggled and tried to push his hands away from my waist no such luck. We walked into the kitchen an he let me go and went straight for the food, I pulled his shirt an said  

"No, go wash your hands then sit down I’ll make us plates"

He frowned and then walked over to the sink and I walked up behind him and said

"Geesh your so tall"

"Nah you short"

He moved over and I stood next to him an started washing my hands smell he moved behind me an put his hands next to mine and I washed his hands as he placed soft kisses on the side of my face. 

"You more affectionate today"

"You know I thought about you all night"

"Good things?"

"Yes baby good things, freaky things to"

He kissed my neck then I moved my head an said

"Stop that, come on let’s eat"

He smacked his teeth then moved away an we dried or hands then I made plates and we sat and ate and talked.

He’s really sweet. We laid on the couch well I sat on the couch and he laid on my lap as we talked. So Chris is 24 only a year older than me, the only family he got back in Virginia and  that’s just his mom an a younger sister. Trent is the oldest an their really close to their cousin Andrew and Jermaine. 

He loves them likes brothers it was cute, he talked about them forever and then he listen to me ramble about my sisters I’m an only child but Bam and Quinn and Ky are my sisters. We been close since we was younger.  We talked about everything we even went into past relationships. 

He told me why he’s known as the playboy of the brothers, because he hasn’t had a steady relationship since  he moved out here. He said he’s only been in love once and that didn’t work because she cheated an for pregnant by the guy. I felt bad as he told me bout it his expressions told me he was still hurt bout the situation.  

He stayed at my place till before I had to be to work, he sat and waited in my living room while I went up to my room an changed. When I came back he offered to drive me to work. At first I said no because I know tonight is another girls night for us but I let him drive me I enjoyed his company so I didn’t mind being around him. 


"Wake up baby me an Haley made you breakfast"

Chad kissed my cheek then I opened my eyes an said

"What y’all make cereal?"

He laughed and said

"Wash up an come down stairs"


I sat up an then blinked, he light coming in from the blinds was bright. I was enjoying these two days Quinn gave us off. Haley and Chad loved it they were spoiling me, second morning they made me breakfast yesterday they made cereal and pancakes. 

I know it doesn’t go together but I enjoyed it. It’s the thought right I got up and went and washed up then headed down stairs. When I walked into the kitchen Chad an Haley was sitting at the table talking.

"Good morning babies"

"Good morning mommy"

Haley got up and ran over to me. I picked her up and kissed her then she hugged me and put her head on my chest an said

"How did you sleep mommy?"


"Daddy made waffles and sausage an I made orange juice and apple slices"

"Really, thank you baby"

I kissed her forehead and walked over to the table and leaned down and kissed Chad and he said

"Your phone been ringing all morning"

"Oh, we didn’t get the pick up from Ace, I know Bam going get me and Quinn"

"Thought you had the day off?"

"I don’t think Bam knew though, an I knew we had a new shipment because Quinn took her the profit from last week"

"Mommy can I see Auntie today?"

"Yeah I’ll see if they busy"

"I don’t work today, I’m hoping we can have some alone time"

"I would love that"

"Especially since it was interrupted last night"

I laughed at the thought of our alone time but Haley had a nightmare and came and climbed in bed with us.

"I told you to lock the door"

He frowned an then Haley sat in my lap and started eating. The phone started ringing an Chad got up an walked over


He sighed an said

"Hi to you to Quinn"

He handed me the phone then said

"Rude ass"

I smiled and said

"Hey boo what’s up?"

"I been texting you all morning I could have been dead Kells where you been?"

"If you was how you texting me?"

"Shut up"

She said laughing then Haley said

"I wanna talk mommy"

"Is that my baby?"

"Yes hold on"

I handed Haley the phone and she started talking, I picked up the fork an took a piece of the waffle an said

"Baby these is good, you made them?"

I looked at Chad an he had the sexiest smirk on his face, 

"I can cook Kelsey, what you think I did before I got You?"

"Went to your moms house"

"I see you got jokes"

"Auntie come over daddy made pancakes an I made juice"

Haley could barley hold the phone she was trying to eat and talk at the same time I laughed it was cute. 

"Okay next time I love you bye"

Haley handed me the phone and Quinn said

"I miss her"

"Well come visit"

"We having a girls dinner bring her tonight"

"Umm I can’t make it me and Chad need some alone time"

"Y’all nasty, Umm I could come get her and she can stay with me and Bam"

"No don’t do that ask Bam first"

"No babe she won’t mind, I’ll keep Haley with me besides I think she might be with Quan he leaving"

"I’m text Bam and make sure it’s okay I don’t want to be an inconvenience"

"Hush Kells just pack her an over night bag and I’ll come get her at 7 okay"


"I got so much to tell you tomorrow before work"

"What happen?"

"Details later enjoy your breakfast an ill see you later"


I hung up an then Chad asked

"Everything okay?"

"Yeah is okay if she spend the night with Quinn?"

Haley jumped and said

"Oww yes daddy please"

"Nah you going call me talking bout daddy come get me"

"No I won’t I promise"

Chad looked at Haley as she poked her bottom lip out an he said

"Alright finish breakfast an go pack a bag baby"

She jumped down and jumped in his lap and kissed him an said

"Thank you Daddy I’m done"

She ran out the kitchen and headed up stairs

"I don’t want her around Michael"

"Don’t worry baby I forgot to tell you she staying with Bam she’ll be okay"

"You sure he ain’t going show up?"

I got up and went an sat on his lap an said

"Quinn wouldn’t let anybody hurt her god daughter trust me, she will be fine baby"

He kissed me then started rubbing small circles in my lower back an then kissing down my neck.

"So no interruptions tonight?"

"No I’m all yours"


He said moving back to my lips and Haley ran in an said

"Mommy I can’t find my Eeyore pj won’t it got me like her’s I wanted to match"

I pulled away an said

"Okay I’ll come help you look"

She ran out an I tried to get up an Chad pulled me back and kissed me one last time and then picked me up and put me on the counter an pulled me to him. He put his hand under my shirt and started caressing my nipples and playing with the bar in my left nipple. He lifted up my shirt and started kissing down my chest when Haley called from upstairs

"Mommy hurry"

Chad sighed then put his forehead to mine and I kissed his lips and said

"No worries baby I’m all yours tonight I promise"


anonymous asked:

The line "I may be elven, but I am more than that. I am a person" remains one of my favorites lines in Origins. And the fact that Leliana listens and takes it to heart is one of my favorite things about her. Also Leliana's line "well, I talk and you listen mostly" is probably the moment I fell in love with her as a character. Every time she started rambling, I found myself smiling.

I agree with all of these points. Especially the elven warden’s line. Gave me the chills the first time I played because up until that point I’d only played humans. It was such a powerful and eye opening moment. 

It goes without saying that Leliana is adorable oh man. The first time I romanced her was pretty much spent with my hands over my mouth to hold in the incessant squeeing. 

my future partner is probably texting their bae right now about how they’re gonna be together forever. sike, see you in ten years bitch

I like the days where I look like this… Those days are my favorite… 💓💓💓

(You all should post no make up selfies and tag me so I can see all your gorgeous faces!☺️☺️)

Does the sky still look the same to you, Punpun?

Go for it

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"why do you always wear black"
cause i’m ready for ur funeral bitch

My brother way back in the 90’s. This picture came out cool. Hate to take advantage of his tears.😂

I edit the look of my blog whenever you edit my feelings.

me: *gives an answer*

teacher: class, do you agree or disagree?

you: well I disagree beca-