Shout out to Armin Arlert for being the most hardcore lil fucker in the series

I mean think about it. As well as having to deal with all the crazy shit as everyone else does while being somewhat weaker than a lot of the cast, Armin started Eren’s passion to see the outside world. Whenever Eren needs to get pumped up and ready to fight again Armin’s there to pull him from the rubble or stab him in the fucking arm, whatever it takes. You’d think Armin’s the sweet, soothing one in that relationship but nope. And he’s cunning as hell so even if he’s not so good at dealing with titans he can play people and the people inside some titans scarily well what I’m saying is do not fuck with this boy I love Armin Arlert and I am afraid.

Well, that's that! (and we still haven't reached the fucking basement)

I just finished the final episode of series one of Shingeki no Kyojin. It feels strange to finally be able to say that and it was one insane rollercoaster of plot twists, nightmare fuel, tears, and sometimes even the odd laugh. I feel kind of sad its over, something that wasn’t helped by the inexplicably dramatic walnut in the credits being replaced with clips of the series highlights. 

So, now I’ve seen it all I can voice my opinions a little better.

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They’re planning to unmask the Female Titan and all I can see is some Scooby Doo thing

"The Female Titan is… OLD MAN PIXIS?"

"That’s right, and I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling Survey Corps, and your dumb Jaeger!"

Everyone laughs series ends that is all