When you first joined YG Entertainment, you didn’t really fit in. Your style was different, your confidence was too high, and your audition was made fun of - especially the part where you got down on your knees. You had to learn to adapt - in terms of performance style, and personality, because you were introverted and a bit awkward. You found that you were losing touch with yourself, and disliking the training day by day.

But during the 2 most crucial hours of your life, during the last performance that determined whether you debuted or went home, you went to the center of the stage, got down on your knees - the very thing that you were mocked for - and sang your heart out. In the most critical moment, you stayed true to yourself, and that is why you inspire me so much. Because you are honest, because you own up to your own shortcomings - and most importantly, because you are not ashamed of who you are. And to me, that is beauty.

140510; Happy 21st birthday, maknae Nam Taehyun; always stay gold. ♡


Guess who’s back turning 21?!

Dear Taehyunie, you showed us many aspects of your personality and we loved each and every one of them. There’s nothing you can’t do, and even if there is, you always try your best to succeed. I know there has been times you wanted to give up on everything and I’m so glad you didn’t.

When I think about how you were in the beginning and how you are now, I’m very glad you found people who love you for who you are and who managed to pull the best out of you. You grew up so much in these few months.

Hopefully you’ll get to spend this special day with all the people who you love. 

I can’t wait to see more of your colors!

Happy B-day to the most talented maknae ♥ 

Happy birthday, Nam Taehyun! #WINNERTaehyunDay

May 10th — Happy 20th (21st in Korea) birthday to our youngest, Nam Tae Hyun! We hope you enjoy this day and may all your wishes come true! You are truly an amazing person with such gifted talent. We are looking forward to what you will bring to us whether it be your composition work or even your unique styles. We know you’ll surprise us with all you got. Good luck with debuting and we’ll continue to love and cheer you on always! Stay gold ♥