Kiss me - Hayes Grier

”I heard a rumor and I kinda wanted to confirm it.” You looked at Hayes.

“It’s not like you to believe in rumors.” His eyebrow lifted.

You looked around the room awkwardly. “Well..This ones a bit different”

“okay, well shoot.” Hayes said.

“Umm, Hayes do you like me?”  You asked him.

He smiled his cute goofy smile at you. “Of course I like you.” 

“But do you like like me?” You added.

His smile turned in to a blank face ”Okay, who told you that?”

“Does it matter who?“ You looked in to his clear blue eyes. “But is it true?”

He scratched his head. “Well I guess theres no point in denying it.”

You put your hand on his chest. "Why didn’t you tell me?”

”I’m just Hayes, you have a ton of more awesome friends than me.” His eyes didn’t waver away from yours.

”Lets try something out Hayes?” You suggested, cracking a smile.

”Okay?” He answered.

You let go of his chest and took a hold of his hand. ”Hayes, Kiss me.“

You counted every second as Hayes was thinking over your sentence, before asking you to repeat the question.

”Kiss me now.” You demanded.

Slowly he leaned in planting a soft peck on your lips.

”I wouldn’t let anyone else do that.”  You said and smiled at Hayes as he broke contact. 

His grin grew broader as he put his arms around you and drew you closer in for another kiss.


You turn around and see him looking at you, again. You can’t help but smile. ‘Fuck, I shouldn’t be smiling’ you tell to yourself. ‘He’s a bad person, he’s a psychopath witch-murderer … but he’s so hot. Why does this kind of thinks allways happend to me’ you continue repeating in your head.


On the other side of the room, Kai continues talking to Damon.
'What’s happening? You keep looking behind’ Damon asks him
'I just can’t help it, she’s so hot. I mean, look at that face, she’s like an angel, and please look at that body, dear God’ Kai keeps fantasizing about you. But deep inside he knows you’re out of his league, damn it your far far away from his league, or at least that’s what he thinks. 'And she’s so sweet and funny and cute but sexy at the same time’
'Oh, so little psycho witch is in love. Who is the fortunate one? Or may I say unfortunate?’ he says looking in the same direction
'Y/N’ he says obviously not knowing whats going to happend next.
'What the hell? She’s my sister you idiot. I’m killing you, right now’

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kimberlyofficial1 : Imagine You were Damon and Stefan’s sister and you meet Kai for the first time and he saw you and couldn’t stop staring at you and you thought he was hot but you knew he’s evil and then Kai talked to Damon saying that he liked you but he didn’t know that you were Damon’s sister so then Damon and Kai get into a fight

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This scene. This fucking sCeNe.

It’s so quick and so seemingly insignificant and yet I can’t help but look at it and SCREECH LIKE A MOTHERFUCKING PTERODACTYL even before I was into Eruri I was like “Wow, that’s sort of gay lol” and I never understood why but just fuckin look at them.

Like Levi’s just chilling there, looking back over his shoulder at Erwin with this ever-so-slight head tilt and I just can’t see this without imagining the tiniest, most subtle quirk to his lips, like idk if i’m just old and blind but I CAN’T UNSEE IT and he waits for Erwin to catch up, coming almost to his side so they can leave alone together and there’s just so much familiarity there and and comfort in each other’s presence and WHY THE FUCK DOES A 5 SECOND CLIP OF TWO DUDES WALKING MAKE ME WANT TO PUNCH A KITTEN, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME THIS ISN’T NATURAL SOMEONE SEND HELP *DYING ANIMAL NOISES*


Kassandra raised an eyebrow at the doctor. “Reid? Are you high?” She gasped, shaking her head as she inhaled. “No, you’re not smoking weed. And you’re too intelligent for other drugs, so you probably aren’t high. And you don’t smell like alcohol, so you aren’t drunk.” The redhead glanced down at the book in his hands and reached for it, her fingers brushing against his. “Reid? Why does your mother want a copy of passages from the third Harry Potter book?” She asked, taking it. As she took the book, everything became clear. “Oh my.”

“What? No!” Spencer replied. “No, I…I’m just….” He paused, watching as she looked down at the book. He squeaked as she touched him, jumping back a bit in an attempt to recoil from her. “She likes some of the quotes,” he answered. “It…It’s her favorite book in the series and–” He was cut off as she took the book, exposing the arousal that was straining in his pants. His cheeks flared darkly, his eyes looking down as his hands laid over his crotch. “Hey! That’s…Give that back!”

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He must feel really bad and bewildered right now. Among exo members (beside Tao) he's probably the most aware of public opinion. He really reads people comments and takes it to heart, because he interacts with his fans a lot. Just thinking about "Wolf era'' when fans was telling him his hairstyle is bad and that he is attention whore for overdoing his reactions, he really looked down then, at airports he would walk with his his head bowed and didn't smile like he usually does. I'm so pissed!

This is why I’m so frustrated  right now cause I know he is aware of what people are saying about him and just that thought makes it 10000000 times worse for me! Do you remember when he posted that convo with xiumin for kakao and then deleted it cause fans had send him comments on insta to do it? 

Connor imagine, he pretends to hate you;

[Requested on wattpad] This is probably one of my longest imagines, enjoy :)

Connor has been friends with your cousin, Jack, ever since they were in their first year of high school. Ever since then, Connor’s always been rude to you whenever you see him - he calls you names, makes fun of you, and gives you dirty looks whenever he has the chance. You have no idea why he’s like that to you; you’ve never done anything to him at all, and all he does is make you self-conscious and feel pathetic. Even after you suffer through all of Connor’s rude remarks, you still find yourself head over heels for him. You can’t help it. His blue eyes sparkle when he speaks, his fluffy hair suits his face perfectly, his voice is melodic to your ears, and his laugh makes your heart flutter.

As you walk into your cousin’s house, you hear Connor’s voice from the living room. You quietly shut the front door whilst taking your shoes off. You carefully listen to what the Scottish boy is saying. “I know it’s stupid, and I know I’m a dick, I just can’t help it.” You frown, wondering what he’s talking about. “Well I hate how you treat her. It’s been going on for years, Con. Just tell her how you feel,” Jack says. You hear Connor sigh. “I can’t! I mean, I’ve tried to tell her, but every time I open my mouth around her, I panic and say something mean. I know it’s the dumbest thing ever. I just … I’m scared of what she’ll say,” Connor confesses. “Mate, I’ll tell her if you want. The worst she can do is say no,” Jack says. You feel your heart slow as you hear more and more of their conversation. Connor can’t be talking about you, can he? “She probably hates me. Fuck, I’ve probably ruined everything.” Connor groans. “You’ll never know until you try. Look, Y/N is supposed to come over soon. Tell her then,” Jack tells him. Your eyes go wide and your heart beats faster. “I can’t just be like ‘Hey! I know I’ve been a jackass to you for the past few years, but I’m actually in love with you!’” Connor huffs. You quickly step out into the living room, watching Connor’s reaction. First it’s surprised, then scared, then a wave of relief flashes over his face. “Y-Y/N,” he stammers, going red. You smile softly. “I heard almost everything you said,” you say. He chews his lip. “I know I have no excuse for what I’ve been doing and saying to you. I’m so sorry. I’m scared of love and I was scared of rejection and I know I’ve ruined everything-” “You haven’t ruined everything,” you cut him off. Connor looks at you with question. “I haven’t?” You shake your head. “No. I’ve had a crush on you ever since you ran into me with your bike.” You smile slightly at the memory. Jack chuckles and Connor blushes, though a small smile pulls his lips upwards. “So you would say yes to going on a date with me?” He asks sheepishly. You grin and nod. “Yes, yes I would.”

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“You know what I still don’t get about this thing?” Ted held up a thneed critically, turning it this way and that, squinting his eyes slightly. “Well, two things. How can it be shaped into stuff like it’s made out of putty, and.. why does it look like a weird misshaped sweater without a head-hole?”

Memory lane.

Getting approached on the subway happens frequently enough that I’m not necessarily alarmed when it does in fact happen to me. One time this man really went hard, and it’s stayed in my head for painful reasons rather than good ones. He questioned my blackness, like wholeheartedly questioned my blackness. I remember him asking what I was mixed with, with a puzzled look on my face I replied “black & blacker”. It was unusual for me simply because I have pretty dark skin, and my blackness had never been questioned prior to that encounter. I asked him why he thought I was mixed, and his response was “Your hair is too pretty for you to be full black. ”. There was a smug look on his face, as if I was supposed to be complimented by his ignorance. He went on to ask me if I was sure that I was full black, he asked if I had Asian grandparents ( to this day I have no clue what kinda of ride this man was on). Black women can have curly hair, black women can have hair that goes past their shoulders. It upset me for awhile simply because my hair is one of my favourite things about myself- and he and many others have attributed it to something other than my blackness.
Black hair is good hair, my hair is black hair because I am a black woman… And that’s it.

Does This Count As A Day Job?

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by sawickies

“If I’m dead, why the fuck are you here?” Pat looked at him like he was crazy.
“Uh, I’m Death? Duh.” He answered like it was the most obvious thing in the world, raising his arms and gesturing to himself. Jonny laughed and put his head in his hands.
“What, a guy can’t be a star hockey player and an Angel of Death at the same time?”

Words: 1194, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1O9GhJS

So You know how your brain will wander and when you’re an obsessive fangirl said brain-wandering usually leads to wacky fandom situations happening in your head?

Like… What if when Trunks was in school he tried to run for class president and when it looked like he might lose, Vegeta just blew the kids house up or something. Like, picture before hand Bulma being like “bitch you best get involved in your sons life” and Vegeta being like “what - why should I do anything - he’s /your/ kid!” But then he begrudgingly sits down to talk to Trunks cause Bulma refuses to fix his little training shit unless he does.

And Trunks is working on posters or something and is like “I’m trying to beat shitty-mcFarts-a-lot(shut up, you laughed at that name and you know it) cause he always beats me” and Vegeta’s like “just fucking train some more.” And Trunks is like “no, I need to get everyone in class to like me more so that they’ll vote for me.”

And like, I don’t know, Vegeta gets really confused and is all like “yeah don’t care, Woman fix my training ship I want to fire lasers at robots.”

And Bulma is like “nope. Help your son win this thing, then I’ll fix your little robo-frienemies” and Vegeta’s just like “Son of a bitch.”

So he does nothing in his usual Vegeta way, assuming his son is the greatest thing around anyways and is totally going to win because he’s the son of the Prince of all Saiyans and oh shit that other kid might win. So Vegeta’s just like “what, you gotta get more votes right?” And Trunks is all “yeah but if he does a better speech than me, then he’ll definitely win.”

And Vegeta’s just like “fuck that noise. Little shit can’t give a better speech if he doesn’t show up.” And like the day of he just blows the kids house up but doesn’t kill anyone because plot holes. And Trunks ends up winning because other kid gave up because Vegeta.

And Vegeta just goes back to training and Bulma never asks Vegeta to get involved in Trunks’ school life again.

And that is why I should always remain occupied with something because otherwise this shit happens in my brain.

pokemon au notes


Barb is a worrier and nothing like her namesake. She’s a bit like the Chatot in PMD who’s alarmed at everything. Every time Icarus does something unorthodox or takes a slight risk, she squawks and hovers around his head, flapping her wings really hard, and saying in the stilted voice parrots have, “Bad! Bad!” Icarus has to assure her and be like, “Shh, trust me”. (He is more confident in this one - quite relaxed and laid back).

Barb and Gigi look like shinies because Amy paints on them. Amy is a bit of an oddball and quite inscrutable. Not sure what or why she does things but she seems to be doing them with some sort of single-minded purpose. I think Amy fancies herself a bit of a Picasso. She paints on leaves and things like that (her paintings are generally blobs that don’t have a definite shape) and runs to show them off to Icarus, who accepts them carefully but in confusion (”Her drawings don’t make a lot of sense.”) while Amy watches on with an air of expectation.


Marcus wears glasses and is overzealous and enthusiastic. He fancies himself a big shot in the team. Houndini likes to make fun of him. She doesn’t take him very seriously. Marcus is a bit intimidated by Houndini (the fangs) and always tries to keep some space between her and him.

Claudia looks up to Charles, a lot. She scampers after him (everywhere) like a puppy. Charles is usually with Howard doing stuff for Gal.

Jonathan sleeps a lot. Claudia treats him like her playground sometimes and plays catch or tug of war with Houndini (Houndini suggested they play on Jonathan).


Baine doesn’t like Ayla. Probably because of the name. Lego doesn’t really listen to Ayla because he just wants to have fun and he runs around everywhere with the, “No one can stop me”/”You can’t do anything to me” vibe.


Bloody Mary is kind of scary and annoying. She likes to mess with people but hits a little too hard and looks a little too sinister with that Cheshire smile for you to retaliate. Anyway, she’s fast as heck and trying to hit her back is an exercise in frustration. She’s very scary in battles. She moves so fast you can’t even see her - one minute there’s nothing in front of you, the next, she’s right in front of you with that eerie smile and then before you can blink, she hits you so hard you fly across the field. KFC and 2 Chainz are a bit leery of her.

Poor KFC, he’s quite friendly and “normal” compared to the rest of the team. 2 Chainz is a bit of a loner and often disappears to do god knows what, leaving KFC with Christina Louboutin and Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary frightens him but he can’t really show it or she would jump on it, so he sticks to Christina. Christina spends most of the time grooming herself and ignoring everyone else, but she’s quite okay (the only one in the team who’s somewhat approachable). She gets a bit impatient with KFC if he’s too much of a wimp, because she’s like, you’re a Blaziken! You don’t even need to Mega to show them who’s boss. Christina does defend KFC from Bloody Mary though, and she’s generally quite okay to hang around, though she doesn’t talk much.

If Bloody Mary gets a bit too much Christina tackles her and sits on her tails so she can’t whack Christina, but then usually that isn’t needed because the little scuffle would have attracted Tequila Sunrise’s attention and nobody wants to piss off Tequila Sunrise, not even Bloody Mary. Tequila is like Clarion, normally okay, but can be scary. She commands power just by expecting it. If they don’t obey, she doesn’t hesitate with a quick, powerful punch.

Tequila is exactly like Clarion: quite chill and laid back most of the time. Can even be quite nice if you are real and honest with her and ask for help. Very funny and fun to be around, but you don’t want to get on her bad side, because then it’s all cold, sharp words and scary eyes.

Why does it look so weird???

Ugh this is why i never draw scenes or anything. They all look so stiff. I tried to make it look like Tiber was tilting his head, but that didn’t work out so I scrapped it. The mouse is supposed to look kinda scared but she’s just standing there and the stairs were just bullshitted pff

im entering a contest thing for a south coast fur thing. In I’m picked, I can get featured on their page.

I’ll probably draw another thing realy quick of tiber smiling like “YO! Mouse!” :D” and the mouth having a heart attack because ‘bigcatthingopenedmouththisistheendgoodbyecruelworld’ heh

i dunno

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do you know of any scenes with robert crying, i'm in the mood to watch it ( dont ask why haha) and i cant think off the top of my head, has he actually ever cried?


Robert crying - urmm, Christmas day, when he’s saying sorry to Andy! And also when he’s at Andy’s stag night at the pub … he had a wobbly chin … I dunno if he was crying though? Urmmm, his voice does shake a fair bit, too. Oh, when he hugs Andy after Andy finds Katie’s body, the end of that episode, I think he … well, he looks like he’s crying then?

But yeaah, his voice shakes a fair bit. Before Aaron beats him up, that entire bit, his voice shakes in it. Urm, after he pushes Katie? And his reaction to that all, up and until he phones Aaron for help?

But no, he’s not … ugly gross sobbing cried, yet. And I wanna see him sobbing and crying really hard, as OOC as that may seem right now. Urgh, I just wanna see him cry.