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part 1 ( I’ll take what I can get)


 "Heyyy y/n" he said, hoping she would miss the small tint of red upon his cheeks. The effect that she had on him always decided to physically show.

 "Are you free today?“ She asked. An evil glint in her eye as she threw a quick glance over her shoulder as Calum walked behind her and into the kitchen where the two were talking. She made sure Calum was listening to her every word. 

 "Yeah, why?” Luke replied knowing he had plans with guys all day, but he would drop them in a second if it meant being with her for a few hours.

 "We should go out, like for coffee or something" she suggested, twirling a loose piece of hair around her index finger.

 Rule number one; subtle flirting. No one wants to come across as desperate. 

She gave Luke a sly smile as she waited for his reply. Calum, who was now standing behind Luke with a bowl of cereal, watched the two of them, leaning on the kitchen counter, casually, raising his eyes at her in a mocking way, as if he found this whole thing amusing.

 Rule number two; make the guy who doesn’t want you… Want you. In other words make them jealous. Make their heads swarm with thoughts of you, tease them, get their heart thumping, make sure their eyes are on you and show them what they could have had.

 Calum didn’t look jealous but she didn’t let it deflate her Act. It was too late now.

 "Really?“ Luke sounded shocked. “With … With me?” He couldn’t help but smile widely.

 "Yes with you” she chuckled 

 "Well yeah, of course, id like to, I’d love to-“

 "Okay good, we can go around lunch time” she smiled.

 "He can’t" Calum said interrupting. She didn’t miss the pointed look Luke have him which telepathically told him to shut up as he had wanted this to happen for ages and now it finally was and Calum could ruin it. 

 "Yes I can" Luke protested 

 "Why can’t he? Calum?“ She asked, eyebrows raised as she waited expectantly. 

 "Band practice” he said simply and smugly. Truth was he was suddenly scared of losing her to Luke. But she was never his in the first place. 

 "You guys can do that without me!“ Luke practically shunned, this could be his one chance to show y/n how much he really liked her. He wasn’t going to have Calum ruin this.

 "You’re lead singer Luke, we can’t.” Calum said, a hint of annoyance. Maybe it was anger or jealously or who knows but he really didn’t want him to go out with her. He was maybe so close to having her as his own, he knew he might have ruined all the chances he ever had with her. He regretted a lot of things he told her.

 ‘Do you think you could ever love me?‘ 


 Of course he could. He couldn’t love anyone else but her. He was scared right now. Scared that Luke could so easily take her away. Because he could love her and she knows that. Whereas she thinks Calum could never love her- because, well because he told her he couldn’t.

 "Just practise songs where you or Michael have the most solos and get Ash to do mine" Luke said frowning at him. “

That’s not fair Luke, this band isn’t going to work unless everybody puts in the effort” Calum said, trying to make Luke feel guilty. It was working but Luke was pissed at him

. “Well if you’re busy then i guess we’ll have to go some other day” she sighed dramatically, smirking at Calum before walking out of the room before Luke could stop her.

 "What the fuck did you do that for!“ Luke almost growled at him

. “We have band practice, you can’t bail on us for just some girl” Calum shrugged.

   “She’s not just some girl though Cal. You know I’ve liked her for so long, that was my chance, you ruined it.” Luke huffed Calum knew she wasn’t just some girl.

 "Oh crap sorry, I forgot about that” Calum said walking past Luke. Of course he hadn’t forgotten. Luke shoved him as he walked past, he was beyond pissed at him and probably wouldn’t get over this for a while. 

 Calum had to admit the felt bad for the blonde boy. He knew that y/n didn’t really like Luke like that, she was just trying to make him jealous. She gave Luke false hope and Calum was only trying to stop it from going further to save Luke the heartbreak. Plus he wouldn’t let anyone else have her. Not when he felt confused about his feelings towards her. 

 Luke was sulking for the rest of the day. There was no point even having band practise as he sent glares at Calum all day making him feel uncomfortable. In the end Ashton threw one drum stick at Luke’s head and the other at Calum which hit his back before he stormed off mumbling about “sort your shit out” Michael following him.

 Leaving Calum and Luke to put their instruments away.

 "Luke" Calum said only to be ignored. “Seriously Luke, you’re ignoring me?” He asked chuckling spitefully before whispering “grow the fuck up”

 "Me? Me grow the fuck up? How about you grow the fuck up Calum!“

 "I would have had to do something childish to be told to grow the fuck up” Calum spat back.

 "You’re the most childish person I know Calum" Luke chuckled 

 "How?“ Calum asked amused 

 "You act like a troubled spoilt child all the fucking time and expect everyone else to help you or do things for you, and when things don’t go your way you throw a huge hissy. Like… Like when y/n asked me out this morning… You got jealous… That’s what it was you were jealous” he said figuring it out. It all made sense now. “You were jealous that she asked me out and not you! And because it didn’t go your way you ruined my chances!” Luke almost screamed.

 "Don’t be stupid" Calum mumbled.

 "I’m not, it’s the truth isn’t it? You like her but she likes me because she asked me out! So you ruin it" Luke said

. “I DO NOT LIKE HER. Its y/n! I would never, ever like her Luke.”

 "Good to know" he heard a small voice say from behind him. He turned around seeing a hurt y/n. He cursed silently at himself. 

 " y/n… I-im sorry-“ he said but she cut him off. 

 "I honestly couldn’t care less if you liked me or not, I mean it would be weird” she said chuckling to cover her previous hurt expression. She already knew Calum didn’t like her like that but it didn’t hurt any less.

 "I was just wondering that now band practice is over, because I saw Ashton leave and Michael stormed up stairs, if Luke was free to go get coffee or something now" she said not even looking at Calum.

 "Yeah let’s go, oh wait Calum do you think you’ll be alright here by yourself? Or do I need to get Michael down to babysit you?“ Luke joked still pissed at his friend. 

 "Fuck off” he mumbled.

 Calum was the one sulking now. Luke and y/n had gone out and it had been 2 hours and 14 minutes and they hadn’t returned. He was pacing in Michael’s bed room while Michael was playing on his playstation. He noticed how Calum kept checking his phone for the time and kept looking at the window impatiently. He paused his game 

 "You okay Cal?“ He asked concerned.

 "Yep” Calum replied shortly looking more impatient

 "No you’re not. You keep pacing and its fucking annoying" Michael said bluntly. “Tell me what’s up? Or whatever happened with you and Luke" 

 "He was just being a dick…” Calum said. “Well actually I was being a dick… I don’t know I just, I don’t know” he said slumping down on the small sofa Michael had in his room.

 His eyes focused on a dusty picture on the side of Michael’s bed. He sighed seeing her, the picture was of the y/n and the four boys on her 18th birthday, the night where the whole thing between them started.

 "It’s her isn’t it?“ Michael asked not surprised when Calum gave a slow nod. He wasn’t stupid. He knew his sister better than anyone. He knew she was head over heels for him and that she had half the band under her spell. 

 "How did you know?” Calum asked “Its my little sister, I know her better than anyone except you. I know she tells you things she would never tell me, she wouldn’t trust anyone else.I see how she looks at you, I see how you sneak out of her room most mornings, I hear the whispered conversations you have when you think no ones listening. She likes you Cal” Michael said

 "She’s just… Different, she’s so real, you know what i mean? It’s like what you see is what you get, she’s not fake at all and shes just so …so…“

 "Ask her out” Michael said as if it was that simple.

 "I can’t I told her…“ Calum cut himself off.

 "What did you tell her?” Michael asked slightly protectively now, the brother side coming out.

 "She asked me if I could could ever love somebody and I said no" Calum said sadly. “That’s not even the worst, she asked if I could ever love her and I said no” he said ashamed. “And now… Now she asked Luke out, and Luke’s so much better than me, she’ll realise that he can love her-”

 "But you love her" Michael said.

 "But she doesn’t think I dO" Calum stressed. 

“Than make her realise it then”

 "How? It’s too late" Calum said.

 "You can’t just give up on her, you want her you go get her or at least try" Michael said. “She likes you Calum, you have nothing to lose here”

 "What about Luke? He likes her so much, it would hurt him so much" Calum wanted to cry. Luke was a good person who deserves someone good like y/n. He didn’t want to hurt him. 

 "Luke will understand, I’ll talk to him, Luke’s your best mate, he’ll understand"

 "I don’t think I can do it to him". Calum said caught in a dilemma. He didn’t know what to do.

 Get the girl he wanted and hurt his best friend. Or leave them how they were. Let her think he couldn’t love her, let her be with Luke who would treat her so good that she would be happy and Luke would be happy.

 But Calum wouldn’t be.

 But sometimes you have to sacrifice your happiness for other people’s.

love at first word
  • dean:hi cas
  • cas:hello dean
  • dean's brain:oH mY God, i did it! i talked to him without messing up he replied ohmygod ohmycas does he like me? this obviously means he likes me right? i mean why else would he reply?
  • cas's brain:eeeekk! he talked to me. he talked to me FIRST awww look at his little mouth... it reminds me of a bee. i LOVE bees!
GoT 5x04 Musings

My initial reaction to “Sons of the Harpy”


  • This was mostly fine I guess. I mean Jorah’s kind of just a sounding board for Tyrion’s wit but that actually is in keeping with characterizations.
  • I can’t help but notice the little birds were conveniently NOT mentioned by Tyrion during his scenes with Varys because it would point to how illogical it is to make him a straight Dany supporter, but now they’re brought up in the context of Jorah.

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anonymous asked:

hey :) I <3 your blog. just wanting your opinion on the ring, i've seen loadsa people talking about it. i'm so uncertain. some people saying he was only gonna propose to please her, others saying that's untrue..what do you think about it???? the fact that penny was supposedly showing him her ring and stuff makes me wonder..

THank you anony!

As for the ring, I think he got it on his own accord because of one simple fact:

“When I have a feeling, I know it.” - Sheldon, S6E2

Sheldon knows he loves Amy, he knew that he wanted her to go to Mars with him (otherwise, why would he ask), he approved of the sleepover because he felt ready. Why would the ring be any different?

Sure, he bought her a tiara when she was mad, but you need to keep in mind that that was 3 years ago. Back then, he’d rather buy her something than talk about it with her and try to set things right. In S8, he now knows that its best to talk things out (Colonization App. is a big one, even the S8 premiere showed me being more emotional towards Amy because he went right out and told her that he was worried that she was disappointed).

Plus, he KNOWS that an engagement ring is a serious, serious piece of jewelry. He knows what it symbolizes.. HE KNOWS HOW SERIOUS IT IS. This isn’t a tiara that he bought to appease her. That ring is a symbol of uniting with the person you love for the rest of your life.

He knows damn well what it means, he knows he’s ready for the next step in their relationship, otherwise he wouldn’t have bought. He made some great strides in S8, it’s obvious that he loves her. 

He’s still Sheldon, and can be clueless, but he still knows how serious a proposal is and Mary obviously raised him right. Clueless or not, he wouldn’t give her a ring that symbolizes unity unless he actually meant it.

Hope that made sense! I’m exhausted after work ;-;

anonymous asked:

I think after seeing everyone basically treating Stefan like dirt in 6x20 some how made me ship Steroline more. Because if she was in the right frame of mind he would go to her.

I think a lot of people felt that way, actually I think that was the intention of the voicemail that Stefan really needed someone to talk to and the only person he wants to talk to is Caroline. It’s why I just can’t believe Stefan is going to have an angsty sad ending with Caroline in 6x22 because he’s hit rock bottom without her and I just don’t think he’s going to let her walk away from him again after he sees how much he needs her.

anonymous asked:

I know this is really bad stereotyping, but I'm kind of shy and I saw a guy in my lecture hall today with what looked like an ace ring on (black, on left middle finger). But he didn't really look ace so I was to scared to ask him if that's why he was wearing it. I feel bad for automatically thinking like that, so I was wondering if you had any advise for asking him about it without seeming creepy? I've never actually met another ace in real life before so it would be really cool to talk to him.

the next time you see him wearing the ring, you can strike up a conversation by telling him you think it looks cool and you wanted to know where he got it, because you’ve been thinking about getting one yourself. and you can ask him if it’s supposed to mean anything. if he says it’s because he’s asexual, great! if not, then too bad, but at least you might find out a good place to get a black ring

~Mod Q

‘How is it that you did not wed?’ Jaime asked him.

'Why, I went to Tarth and saw her. I had six years on her, yet the wench could look me in the eye. She was a sow in silk, though most sows have bigger teats. When she tried to talk she almost choked on her own tongue. I gave here a rose and told her it was all she would ever have from me.’ Connington glanced into the pit. 'The bear was less hairy than that freak, I’ll-’

Jaime’s golden hand cracked him across the mouth so hard the other knight went stumbling down the steps. His lantern fell and smashed, and the oil spread out, burning.

'You are speaking of a highborn lady, ser. Call her by her name. Call her Brienne.’

Connington edged away from the spreading flames on his hands and knees. 'Brienne. If it please my lord.’ He spat a glob of blood at Jaime’s foot. 'Brienne the Beauty.’

—  A Feast for Crows, Jaime III

helenodd asked:

Hi! I just saw the HOUND=Red Beard post and squealed! It's just so obvious, why didn't I think of it myself?! LOVE your blog, it's like morning newspaper for me XD Reading your latest posts (especially "the consequences") made me wonder a) will the show use a character like Victor Trevor (as part of the consequences, a flashback or maybe in the special?) and b) if the show will use a character like Arsene Lupin (like Magnussen/Milverton?) and would it use him at all? What do you think?

I don’t think Victor Trevor exists in this universe. I know a lot of people are really into him and looking forward to him - but I don’t think he exists in BBC.

ACD Victor Trevor has three functions:

  1. First case
  2. School friend
  3. Childhood loss

We’ve already covered all of those in BBC:

  1. Carl Powers
  2. Sebastian Wilkes
  3. Redbeard AKA The Other One

Really, the fact that they wrote in an OCC for Sherlock’s school friend instead of using Victor Trevor’s name is a huge clue Vic Trevor doesn’t exist. They could’ve just had Sebastian exactly the way he was and called him Victor Trevor, and that would’ve left the option to bring him back later if they’d wanted to without needing to bring him back if they didn’t want to. Or even had Sebastian say “We all hated him - except he had this one friend, Trevor.” The fact that no one alluded to Victor at all in that conversation is a pretty big clue he doesn’t exist.

The only point to Vic Trevor in BBC would be to bring him in as Sherlock’s ex-boyfriend to clarify his sexuality, but I don’t think that necessarily needs a whole new character to do, and in fact I think it would contradict what they’ve already written.

Mofftisson have to clarify John’s sexuality because people forget bisexuality exists, so they gave him an ex-boyfriend and several ex-girlfriends and a wife (and I think they will continue to clarify it via Harry). If people see a man dating another man, they assume he’s gay. So once Sherlock starts dating John, people will assume he’s gay - and they’ll be right. If they wanted to make Sherlock’s sexuality explicit, he could say it - narratively, it’s not worth writing in a whole new character that they’d then have to deal with and write back out again in a meaningful way.

Particularly because TSoT doesn’t really make sense if Sherlock had had previous romantic/sexual relationships. He had to deduce his own sexuality and romantic/sexual interest in John. He didn’t just know. If he had ever experienced romantic and/or sexual attraction before, that seems pretty unlikely. Mofftisson have told us pretty clearly that Sherlock is a virgin. I don’t think they just mean he’s never had sex - that’s not really very important - but also that he’s never been in a relationship. He’s an “emotional virgin.” So I think Victor Trevor would contradict what’s already happened - therefore he doesn’t exist.

As to people like Lupin:

If you don’t know Lupin:

Arsène Lupin is a fictional gentleman thief and master of disguise created by French writer Maurice Leblanc … Leblanc introduced Sherlock Holmes to Lupin in the short story “Sherlock Holmes Arrives Too Late” in 1906. In it, Holmes meets a young Lupin for the first time. After legal objections from Conan Doyle, the name was changed to “Herlock Sholmes” when the story was collected in book form in Volume 1.

Sholmes returned in two more stories collected in Volume 2, “Arsène Lupin contre Herlock Sholmes”, and then in a guest-starring role in the battle for the secret of the Hollow Needle in L'Aiguille creuse … In 813, Lupin manages to solve a riddle that Herlock Sholmes was unable to figure out.

Sherlock Holmes … and accompanied by familiar characters such as Watson and Lestrade … also confronted Arsène Lupin in the 2008 PC 3D adventure game Sherlock Holmes versus Arsène Lupin. In this game Holmes … is attempting to stop Lupin from stealing five British valuable items. Lupin wants to steal the items in order to humiliate Britain, but he also admires Holmes and thus challenges him to try to stop him. (x)

Characters in other universes have “met” Sherlock Holmes not infrequently - Mark Twain did one, too.

TBH, I rather doubt they’d put in someone like Lupin because I think they’d rather use all the ACD villains first and there are still quite a few, but I think that’s totally just an artistic choice by Mofftisson. Really, I think it just depends on whether or not they like the idea that characters from other universes meet Sherlock Holmes as a minor character.

anonymous asked:

Is it normal to feel hurt if my boyfriend watches porn? I know I don't have a right to ask them not to but I just feel jealous and insecure. I ignore those feelings and get over them, but still. It hurts a lot

I think that a lot of people would probably have negative feelings knowing their significant other watched porn. There’s nothing wrong with how you feel about it, that’s just how you feel.

You should definitely talk to him though about how it makes you feel and why. You can’t just push all feelings aside and try to ignore them because they will always come back.

Regina’s journey in 4x20 – Part 2, Happy Ending

 Regina had a beautiful journey in this episode. The flashback showed us how her need to show that she wasn’t weak and her mother could not control her took away her chance to give birth to a child. I think at the beginning of the episode Regina felt some regret about this, mixing with some envy that Zelena and Robin shared something she and Robin will never do and a fear that one day this will come between them. As she said, this was a huge obsticle and it would get bigger every day.

I found it interesting that there was a little side-point about Roland. The fact that this whole mess would make him upset, and Regina’s solution that a forgetting potion would help him. (And before someone starts to throw stones at her, forgetting potions are NOT considered problematin in the Enchanted Forest. They are when they are used to mess with someone, but they are not when they are used like this.)

Why am I talking about this forgetting potion? Because Regina’s idea of writing Zelena out of the story is one giant forgetting potion. The Author has the ability of writing Zelena out of the story. No Zelena, no Marian situation, no mess, no pregnancy – nothing can come between her and Robin and her happy ending anymore. It’s not a solution a hero would choose, but Regina is no hero here. She is a practical woman, trying to fix a problem.

So she gets the quill, the blood, the Author – and everything is ready for the recourse (that is never about her original Page 23 story, it is never about writing Henry out of her life, only Zelena).

And in that moment she is reminded of her mother. And the moment she let her wish to hurt her (Cora) screw her life in a big way. 

And she realizes several things at once.

1. She may lost her ability to bear children, but she did not loose her ability to become a MOTHER. She is Henry’s mother and no one can take her that.

2. Zelena’s baby won’t stand between her and Robin. She loves him and intends to raise the child as their own. She may not have a bond of pregnancy with Robin, but they’ll have the bond of parenting. One that Zelena won’t have. (Unless this will change and they let Zelena be a part of the child’s life which I find possible eventually, but here we are now).

3. Being pregnant with a child is not Regina’s happy ending. Being with a man is not her happy ending. Finding her home in the world (so similar to Emma’s journey last year, do we remember?) is. Being a MOTHER is part of that. Being with Robin is part of that too. Finding peace with Snow, Charming, their past, building a friendhip with Emma, finding a new life, a second chance for happiness in the Land Without Magic. Here she is in Storybrooke, her little town, surrounded with people who hated her and whom she hated, but not anymore, discovering the person she is, discovering the things she has – this is her happy ending. Just as I predicted long ago (I got ALL the details wrong, but the essence right :)) – she did not need the the Author to write her a happy ending. She just needed to learn to appreciate the things she had and realizing that she was the one who stood in the way of her own happiness. And by realizing it she became the one who could make herself happy. 

anzhitinglan asked:

hello~~~it has really been a while since my last ask and to be honest, i never expected grimm would come at this time, yes, i knew he would come, but, oh my when it happened i just got this unreal feelings.... ok i will not talk too much so question is, what will grimm say to our berry firstly?

Oh, man, I have no idea. I used to think that his reaction would be similar as with Urahara when he heard Ichigo’s voice, or he would have a kind of aggressive reaction, but his face when he reappeared totally changed that idea. So far, he seems docile but unhappy and I think Ichigo will be the first to react. He will freak out and ask him what the hell is going on and why he’s with them and maybe threaten him about killing him if he dares to touch his friends, etc. And Grimmjow will only shut him the hell up and tell him that he’s not happy either about working with shinigamis and I’ll kill you after all this is over and blah blah blah

Arrow Theories: Maseo Knows since the beginning that Oliver is faking

I really think that Oliver is faking all of this since the beginning and I think that he has asked Maseo’s help to do it. 

It makes sense. Felicity-Oliver-Maseo moment is very intriguing. Why in hell Maseo would ask Oliver about Felicity Back Off if Oliver is Al Sah-Him? If he was indeed the Heir, he’d already know the answer..Al Sah-Him wouldn’t mind if it’s Felicity or a dog. Felicity is important to Oliver, thus she’s important to Maseo. The question is really odd…(like: Oliver, can I pass her?). Not to talk about Oliver’s answer. He nods! He nods! And Maseo don’t question or even makes a surprising face. He surely knows. 

I think Oliver’s faking…I went through the Island, the Hell…the torture was bad, but it wasn’t enough. If he wants to destroy the league, he has to do it from inside, by convincing the LoA that he is really compelled. Oliver showed us moments of his acting: when he leaves Diggle, Nyssa and Laurel; when he knows about the marriage, at the Oliver-Maseo-Felicity scene, and when he sees his little sister is shooting arrows.

anonymous asked:

I think Robin's first thought in that scene was that Regina no longer wanted to be with him and that's why they would never share a child like him and Zelena. I hope that we actually get to see them talk about what it really means. I want that scene. It could be so good if only the writers cared about more than instant fix and action and shock value.

I think something along those lines too. I don’t think Robin knows. It hasn’t sunk in yet. And Regina is never going to admit it again now that she decided to be happy (which, yay! but also, I really want to see that conversation between them).

But Robin is smart enough that once everything quiets down and they’re not being attacked by villains or dragons or authors, and once he’s had time to think about what happened that day, I think he’ll rethink about her words that night at the bar and understand them for what they are. He’ll want to confront her about it, but won’t know how. He’ll know how delicate the subject is, so he won’t want to bring it up, but he’ll have to, eventually, and this could be such a powerful scene for them as a couple.

But I have very little hopes of seeing that scene in the show. And maybe it’s better that way, too. I know a bunch of fic authors who will deal with the emotional aftermath of this craziness a lot better than the show will. (I might want to write something myself, but I don’t know if I have what it takes to do it. Maybe if get over my crippling writer crazies I will.)





i was sat on a bench at lunch with Teresa just general talking 

“i wish tom wasn't helping newt so much” she sighs

“why” i ask

“because i hardly ever get to spend a full night with him, its always sorry honey i have to go help newt” she answers sighing

“what's he helping newt with” i ask

“uh, he wont say” she replys unconvincingly 

“i don't know what's up with newt, he’s always been my best friend but now he’s acting really strange around me” i say

“really why do you think that is” she asks

“i don't know, i hope he’s not gonna stop talking to me altogether if he did that would kill me, i mean in a small way i do  love the guy” i say

Teresa then spits her drink from her mouth “WHAT” she says

“you know i like newt, Teresa” i reply sternly

“yeah but i didn't think you would say you love him” he replys laughing 

“i do al right i just don't like how he’s acting now he’s always acting like one of the other guys like minho or zart i like them guys as friends but i like newt how he is” i explain 

“interesting” she says quietly more to herself

“so what's Tommy helping newt with” i ask

“i told you he wont say” he said again still unconvincingly

“Teresa you cant fool me you know and i know you know so just tell me” i say

“no i promised i wouldn't say a word to you” she says

“ah but the girl code says other wise you know i like newt so tell me your information” i inform her

“true but you know i got it on with Winston once so no info for you” she says quietly 

“what do i have to say to make you tell me” i ask sighing 

“tell me if you couldn't get it on with newt who would you” she asks

“fine, Arthur” i reply

“seriously” she asks

“yes now tell me, what's going on” i ask

“ newts been having help from the guys to get him out the friend zone with you they have been trying to help him not doing to well but from what ive heard apparently newts going it alone now” he explains

“oh my god” i say “that's so sweet”

“but don't make it obvious you know i wasn't meant to say anything” she says

i nod and then continue to eat my food till it starts raining everyone runs inside but me i just stand under some tree’s looking at the rain i like rain i always have.


i was stood in the deadheads thinking of my next plan its hard to think of a plan on my own till i see its about to rain and quickly a plan forms in my head i quickly run to a bush i know in the deadheads where roses grow i can see one a perfect white rose with no thorns i quickly pick it and walk back towards the glade where i see y/n stood just under the tree’s looking out at the rain i put the rose behind my back and stand beside her “hi love” i say

“hi newt” she giggles 

“you seem happy” i say

“i like the rain is all” she replys still giggling a bit 

“look i uh, i wanted to say sorry for being all strange lately and stuff i was not myself and i know i did some stuff i wouldn't normally have done and i uh i know that it didn't make it all that easy on you so im sorry” i say handing her the rose she takes it and smiles but still looks at the rain till she turns

“apology accepted newt” she say tapping my nose with the rose before she hugs me tightly resting her head on my chest so i wrap my arms around her tightly and rest my head on top of her’s as we both watch the rain for a second i look at her eyes she’s no longer watching the rain she’s watching Tommy and Teresa on the other side of the glade there cuddling and kissing under the roof of the kitchen she looks so happy but yet so sad at the same time “you want a life like that don't you” i ask her 

“yeah” she sighs “but i cant have one” she sighs

“of course you can” i tell her “you just have to find a good man”

“one like you” she says

“yeah one like - one like me ?” i say suddenly realising half way thought saying it what she said

“yeah one like you newt, your the best man there is” she says happily 

“thanks, your the best girl there is”i tell her 

“you know something right” she asks

“know what” i ask

“Teresa told me about the last few weeks, im a bit surprised i didn't work it out for myself to be honest” she says OH GOD i the pull out of our cuddle

“well, i -uh , uh, i uh well” i stutter confused on what to say till she steps forward and kissed me on the lips not even for a full second i don't do anything but laugh 

“so how do you feel about me” i ask

“i love you newt” she says

“i love you too” i reply 

we both stand for a moment unsure of what to do now till we both close the distance between us so we are back to cuddling again till she picks up her head and we kiss as soon as we pull away she fluffs my hair making me smile more before we meet and connect our lips again for a while turning it into snogging.


i was stood a moment with tom under the kitchen roof  i glance over at y/n and newt on the other side of the glade i see them both say something to each other then they both stand there smiling till they meet in a tight cuddle and then kiss i quickly hit tom as he was looking in another direction and point to newt and y/n “oh my god” he says “He did it” 

“get in y/n” i shout to her making newt and y/n stop snogging 

“SHUT UP” she shouts back 



i was stood under the homestead waiting for the rain to stop i glance around the glade not much going on till i hear some one shout but i don't hear what after a little while i get board and move to the other end of the homestead and i can see just on the edge of the deadheads newt and y/n snogging i quickly run over to them never mind the rain “well what's going on here” i ask

“oh shuck off minho” newt reply only just pulling away from y/n then immediately retuning to kissing her the second he was finished talking

“well you two seem busy shall i come back latter” i ask

“MINHO SHUCK OFF” y/n says only just pulling away from newt then retuning the instant she was done

i then walk away and stand with zart and chuck 

“hallelujah” we all say in sync


as soon as we both pull away of our own accord 

“i love you” he says

“i love you too” i reply before we meet and kiss by now the rain has stopped and we both walk out into the glade hand in hand everyone looks at us smugly they all cheer at us making me and newt laugh 

“KISS HER” a few shout at us so newt wraps his arms around me and kisses me i even let my foot pop i bet we look like something out a bad movie

“HALLELUJAH” they all shout at us

“hallelujah” newt whispers to me

“hallelujah” i reply as we meet and kiss again.

Request: Hi~~ May I asked for a request? Where Dean say something hurtful/they didn’t mean it like that while talking to you and they’re not in the state therefore can’t apologize to your face so you’re trying to ignore him but he keeps sending you messages and then you end up feeling bad? I love your writing, which is why I’m asking you to write this!

So sorry its super late! I hope you like it - instead of other state I used another country as I am Scottish I don’t know too much about how far away states are to each other so I thought Scotland would be a better option as there’s no way Dean would have been able to just drive to see the Reader :)

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anonymous asked:

...how does an ig like suggest they're on speaking terms? like you have to understand that to say it means they're probably on speaking terms is just as bad as thinking it means something romantically? like they're both guesses based on nothing. ones more extreme but essentially they're both the same

Uhhhh no. That’s ridiculous to compare the two.

I, like most people in this fandom, have always looked to Frankie’s behaviour for clues as to what their relationship looks like. He went through a long period of time where it seemed obvious that he was avoiding anything to do with Zach and Zankie, and lately he has liked quite a few things to do with Zach.

I, like most people, think it was Frankie that was freezing Zach out for a while there and not the other way around. So why would Frankie be going out of his way to like Zach’s shit if he’s still refusing to talk to him? That doesn’t make any sense. This time it wasn’t even something from a fan. He was on Zach’s instagram and liked a picture. You saying that it’s “just as bad as saying they’re together romantically” is seriously ridiculous. Speaking terms means they most likely talk once in a while and there’s no bad blood. It doesn’t mean anything more.

Sometimes I wish I could tell Bandman that I need him to talk to me. I wish I could tell him that when he’s happy it makes me very happy and that the reason why I’m always looking at him is because I really like him. I wish I could tell him that I’ll probably never get the courage to say ‘hi’ so it would mean the world to me if he said 'hi’ first and carried on the conversation even if my response was screwed up. I wish I could tell him that if he wanted to really know what’s under this thick layer of awkwardness and shyness all he had to do was talk to me first and keep talking to me. I wish I could tell him my favorites and he could tell me his. I wish I could tell him I want to have him in my life even after I leave the school because he seems to be a positive person to have in it.

I wish I wouldn’t act like I’m fine around him and better off without him. I wish he would act like he cared as much as he did when I was in his class.


I just watched Jack’s “Omegle Meet-up Highlights” and it just made me smile throughout the entire video. I love how Jack can make his fans happy and how his fans make him happy.

Yet, I also cried because of how lucky these people are to meet Jack. This is one of my dreams and I don’t even know if it’s even possible because I live in Asia and it makes it harder to meet Youtubers like him.

Also, it’s even impossible for Jack to do another Omegle meet-ups like this since he has over 4 million subscribers and I only have like 1 in a 4 million chance to meet him.

Most of the reactions people made are so priceless! I would just probably cry and can’t talk if I ever meet Jack…or even worse.

I am rambling again as usual but I just wanted to thank Jack for making us happy all the time. No wonder why we love you so much. I know some people are disappointed because they thought you don’t care about us anymore but that’s a very big lie. People should understand that you are just one person and you can’t obviously interact with all of us. It breaks my heart to see you sad because I just want to see your pretty smile :)

I’m not making sense at all anymore. I’m sorry. I just want to show Jack how I appreciate him in so many ways. I always consider you as a friend. Never as a stranger and never as a celebrity. Keep doing what you love and keep being yourself. We are always here for you!