never shame people for not doing well in school

fuck, even if they’re failing every class and u think it’s just bc they’re lazy and dont want to do the work, dont fucking shame them for that and don’t sit there and tell them to just ‘try harder’

like u dont ever know for sure why someone is struggling, and it Hurts to have people assume that if u would just try a little more and put in a little more effort and energy u might not have, that everything would magically be better

the oppressed are completely justified in their hatred of their oppressors and if u seriously dont think so then take a second to imagine all the shit their oppressors are putting them through and then reevaluate ur problematic opinion

when people headcannon marius pontmercy as straight and cis it’s like……..why are u doing this……..when u could headcannon him as a demi boy and on the ace/aro spectrum or bi……..