Time Heist

BBC, please give us a Doctor Who meets Cesare Borgia episode one day. Please.

It makes me sad to know that Kate was so dedicated to going on this trip that she asked for an ambulance to accompany her on engagements just so she wouldn’t disappoint The Queen. I’m glad she took the advice of her doctor and stayed home regardless because she knows her health and the health of that baby are ultimately the most important thing but there are still going to be people out there, despite having seen that quote, who are going to continue to accuse her of being lazy and having no work ethic. There are still going to be people who say she should have gone on this trip anyway because ‘it’s just a little bit of throwing up, no big deal.’ That makes me both angry and sad.

Zayn Malik is going to kill me. I’m going to die an early death and he WILL be to blame. One day very soon I will log onto tumblr and a photo of him is going to cause me to stroke out. I can feel it coming.
—  Me after I stopped breathing looking at photos of Zayn at the iheartradio music festival.

Find the time to fall in love with yourself.

You are a beautiful person and there is no reason for you to believe otherwise.

I can just see Bilbo having the never ending war between his Took and Baggins side like on the adventure one day he’d be happily riding along on his pony and asking Balin to tell him these wonderful (albeit bloodthirsty) tales of dwarven heroes and the next day he’d be grumbling and complaining the entire way and would just yell at literally anyone who came near him

Despite it being his sixth year, Xavier still never got used to the massive crowd of people at the train station. He gave his older brother a final hug before boarding the train. The galaxy haired boy tried to avoid as many people as he could, feeling himself panic a little bit more every time he passed a carriage that was full. When he finally found that was empty he calmed down a bit more. He settled down and began practicing some spells. Small ones, just to change his hair colour to see if he wanted it different from the galaxy thing he had going on and to calm himself down. It was something he’d learned help in the previous years. He froze, his hair colour was lilac, as the carriage door opened. He slowly turned to face them and gave a weak smile accompanied by a small wave. 


Reactions to "Time Heist"

Written mostly as I watched:

  • "A whole day worked out" —aww, puppy Twelve, wanting to make Clara happy
  • "…got another playmate" —emphasis on Clara’s time with the Doctor as being a break from her real life
  • "hardly anyone in the universe has that number" —hmm. The woman in the shop, Clara, Sarah Jane Smith, Martha Jones, Rose Tyler (though I suppose Rose is a bit out of range), and Churchill are the people who come to mind.
  • Where’s the TARDIS?
  • Hey, those memory worms! I remember them from The Snowmen! Played for dramatics here instead of comedy. Nice touch
  • This music reminds me of Ocean’s Eleven
  • The Teller scans minds and makes soup. Not terrifying AT ALL.
  • "Basically it’s the eyebrows" and Clara nodding in agreement
  • "Team Not-Dead". Good team name. Usually that’s known as Team TARDIS
  • "A thing will happen" = Doctor Who in a nutshell
  • "I suppose I must have loved them" —forgetting everyone you love in order to protect them, making you into a different person without them
  • Sabra’s a shapeshifter—talk about veils and masks and other selves. (And her true self is seen at the end, and she now can have trust and contact with other people. Hmm.)
  • Ooh, she called him “a good man”
  • "professional detachment?" Ooh, ouch. That cut deep.
  • Why would he sacrifice himself—-oh, because “I see no one”
  • Hey, that looks like a transmat!!!!!
  • Oh, a creature that’s the last of its kind. The Doctor still has empathy for someone like that. Oh! They’re going to set it free! Because everyone who cluttered its mind is gone! And it’s NOT the last of its kind! Wow, if the Teller is not a metaphor for the Doctor, I don’t have a degree in English. Which I do have. So.
  • Wow, clones of herself. Did not see that twist. Talk about another metaphor for multiple selves, veils, and doubles.
  • "Beat that for a date." OH. You’re jealous. Oh, Doctor. *cackling*

anonymous said:

is this a larry big bang?

Hi bud! We don’t make any requirements or limitations regarding which ships are written/represented in this big bang! If you’re asking because there are a lot more people are signing up to write Harry/Louis than anything else - that’s because the sign-up post has been heavily circulated among people who primarily ship H/L, and they chose to sign up. In past years, the post has been circulated more widely in more diverse shipping circles and sign-ups have reflected that, as well! So you’re more than welcome to sign up to write any ship at all as the primary ship AS LONG AS it involves at least one member of One Direction!

I was going along, enjoying Time Heist—nothing earth-shattering or anything, but it was okay—and then the end. 

Pro: The Doctor managed to drop Clara off without commenting on her appearance. (Slightly cancelled out by the fact that he asked her at the beginning why her face is so round.)

Con: I thought you didn’t want to be her boyfriend, Doctor. So why do you care if his date is better than robbing a bank? What does it matter?

And since I think the answer is that it doesn’t, why was that line left in the script?

some of y’all are stupid as fuck and believe in the idea of equality in the concepts of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and so on 

no we’re trying to destroy the harmful systems 

thats why things like reverse racism, sexism against men,heterophobia, cisphobia, all thatshit doesnt fucking exist 

if i see one more of those stupid ass posts about equality and hating white people  reblogged on my dash im gonna actually find u and write on your face these words 

8 Ways to Say I Love You φ Zoe Wolfe x Colton Birchfield φ  4/8

“4. Whisper it into her hair in the middle of the night, after you’ve counted the space between her breaths and are certain she’s asleep. Shut your eyes quickly when she shifts toward you in askance. Maybe you were just sleep whispering." (x)

Colton leans his head against the door to his hotel room as he fumbles for his key. Goddamn is he tired. Actually it’s more like bone deep exhaustion. Three weeks into his book tour and it’s taking a bigger toll on him then he anticipated. Hell, he never even thought enough people would read his book that it would necessitate a tour through a good number of the 50 states. And while he absolutely loves meeting people who loved his novel, (He never imagined how warm and glowing their stories about how much it meant to them could make him feel and by the end of the first day his cheeks hurt from smiling so much.) he can’t shake the feeling that something is missing.

And that something is definitely Zoe.

Colton knew when he signed onto this that it wouldn’t be easy. That it was going to be hard, but he never thought it would be this hard. He knew that he would be quickly shuttled from one city to the next with almost every second of every day planned for him and that all of that wouldn’t leave as much time as he’d like to call or Skype Zoe. She does text him throughout the day, sending everything from little stories about her day or simple ones about how she misses him and he’s so thankful for it. Somehow even from far away she manages to keep him grounded. Colton would be lying if he said he didn’t live for these messages.

Today had been oddly quiet on Zoe’s end. He got a few texts from her in the morning, but the rest of the day she had been radio silent and it unnerved him. Made him wonder if she was finally fed up of not seeing him. With a sigh of relief Colton finally fitted the keycard into the lock and watches as the red light turned green with bleary eyes. Briefly he wonders if he should call Zoe. He just really wants to hear her warm soothing voice but then he remembers that the industry executives kept him out until 3am and he can’t find it in himself to wake her up this early. It’s not fair, he thinks petulantly trying to resist the urge to stomp his foot.

Once he’s through the door, Colton shrugs off his jacket, depositing it in a heap by the door before looking towards the hotel bed. He squints at it, tilting his head confused. He didn’t remember leaving the pillows in a lump on one side of the bed and it takes his weary mind far too long to realize that they aren’t pillows, but a person.

A specific Zoe shaped person who is wearing a hoodie that Colton had been looking for this entire trip.

Colton pauses, positively beaming at the sight as his heart swells, feeling so full it could burst. Never in a million years did he anticipate this, but that seemed to be the theme of his trip so far. Colton strips out of the rest of his clothes in record time, eagerly sliding into bed next to her and wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her as close as he possibly can. At this Zoe stirs slightly, opening her eyes and tracing the side of her face with a sleepy smile before she presses a lazy kiss to his cheek and settles back down to sleep in his arms.

For as tired as he is, Colton waits until he’s sure she’s fast asleep again. He presses his face into her hair and inhales her scent. She smells like the floral perfume he gave her on her birthday, cinnamon, and something that is undeniably her. She smells like home. Taking a chance, Colton whispers 'I love you,' softly into her hair and when she shifts towards him he stills and feigns sleep.

They’ll talk about this in the morning (incredibly pleased disbelief on Colton’s side and smug satisfaction on Zoe’s) and maybe, just maybe he’ll have the courage to tell her in the light of day.