All the ones who touched me
but refused to have me.
Who did not want me.
Who asked me to sleep in their bed
but not talk to them when
their friends were around.

I mourn them.
Not for the loss of them.
But for what they took.
For taking my body as soft light
as rhythmic speech
as bouquet of petals

and leaving it as
chewed up gum under their shoe
as hand-me-down rag
as a pile of stems,

—  Hand-Me-Down Rag, Lora Mathis
Full Tank

As we escort a caravan to the next city, we are ambushed by a group of bandits. The Tiefling sorceress rushes out to set everyone aflame while the monk singlehandedly takes on the leader. 

Bandit crits.

Monk (ooc): Oh god, what should I do?

Bard (ooc): Stay there, I got a plan! I cast Hold Person!

DM (ooc): Of course you’d have that. Okay, rolling…. AND HE PASSES.

Bard (ooc): DAFAQ?? Okay, new plan, BOOK IT!

Monk agrees and retreats, but the sorceress then wants to take a shot at him and steps close enough for Burning Hands.

Naturally, the leader didn’t appreciate that and moves up to her face and swings.

And crits again.

Bard (ooc): Uh… I have another plan.

Sorceress (ooc): Should I stay?

Bard (ooc): Yes.

Bard: Are you okay with him being in your personal space? I don’t have anything else left.

Sorceress: I’ll be fine.

Bard: Then take off your robes.

Sorceress:  WHAT?

Bard: Take them off!

Sorceress: FINE!


She complies on her turn, and then the Bard’s turn comes up finally.

Bard (ooc): I cast Unnatural Lust on the critting asshat with her as the target.

DM (ooc): Oh god.

*rolls will*

DM (ooc): He rolled a 1. A 1.

DM: Okay, the dude attempts a grapple check to, uh, get her on the ground with him. Rolling for grapple.

DM (ooc): He passes with flying colors, oh god what is happening.

DM: He successfully pulls you onto the ground and tries macking you.

Our Inquisitor turns around after demolishing an opponent and witnesses the grapple.

Inquisitor: That makes no sense…

Sorceress: *lets out a squeal of surprise and starts fighting off the swordsman*

Inquisitor: Uhhhhhhhhhh


Inquisitor: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The turn for the bandit standing next to the leader is up. 

DM (ooc): So, it’s his turn, but he just watched his boss suddenly try to… yeah, so I’m rolling a d100. If he rolls about a 50, he hits you. 

*rolls under 50*

DM: The bandit is really freaked out and messed up by watching all of this, so he’s just gonna go over here now.

Inquisitor: I’m really not sure what to say.

Monk (ooc): I could hit him?

Inquisitor (ooc): I could do that.

Inquisitor destroys the hopeless romantic. 

Sorceress: *shoves him off her and spits on him, thanking the Inquisitor at the same time*


Inquisitor: I turn around for one minutes and THEN THIS?

We wrap up the session.

Sorceress (ooc): I dunno, I had a bit of health, so I thought I could tank.

Bard (ooc): I’m sorry you tanked his lips. 

Sorceress (ooc): means she’s one hell of a succubus though. 

Sometimes, when you look at her, you learn what it means to live all over again.
She is sun-kissed cheeks and ocean eyes, and there is something beautiful about it all.
When your lips are on hers, you think you can taste a hint of hibiscus.
She touches you, and you see the world for all its brightness.
She touches you, and you see nothing but her.
It could be the way her hair cascades to the ground, or the way the earth seems to curl up to meet her.
You say her name, and she blossoms before your very eyes.
She takes your hand in yours, and the sunshine has never felt so right.
Somehow, she has made her way into the cracks of your heart, and she will never leave.
—  Flower Girl

Little Shino didn’t understand friendship. The people he was surrounded with were his rowdy classmates, nothing more. He preferred to keep to himself and his bugs – not really distancing himself, but not opening up to anyone either. It’s only until he’s put onto a three-man team does he learn what it means to have friends. 

It’s the first time he’s had to work together with others to such a degree, co-operating on missions and training and putting his life in someone else’s hands. It’s the first time he’s allowed others to get under his skin, have them probe around, and perhaps to his surprise, find acceptance in them.

Despite all their clashing and misunderstandings, Shino considers Naruto a dear friend too! And in the moments where it counts, Naruto does try to include Shino and actually thinks he’s really strong. Shino feels such a strong connection to his comrades, so it upsets him when he’s not included or can’t be present to fight alongside them. In a way, his grudges are a reflection of the importance he places on bonds.


Steve unwrapped his taped hands. “so was i good?” you smiled, unwrapping yours.

Steve grinned at you, “better than good.” 

“so what do you usually do after this sort of thing.” 

“well i got have a shower in the changing room and then i go home, but if you would like, maybe after we’re both cleaned up we could get coffee or something?”

“you asking me on a date Cap?”

he smiled, “i suppose i am.”

honestly all this theorizing about laws and what is and isnt legal is probably a waste of time…do you think they even care about laws? how many people live in beach city? like 12? the city is basically governed by rocks from space and their pink child. the actual mayor never has anything under control. giant hands are falling onto the beach. costumes come to life and start beating up children. the ocean went missing once. i think they have better things to worry about than “can this girl legally deliver pizza”

sabrinaistheman asked:

Can you write something about Luke always asking for permission to PDA or touch you in general because you're inexperienced and a prude and jumpy

he would just be so so so afraid of crossing a line with you and fucking it all up. he noticed how your breath would catch in your throat when he reached for your hand, or how your leg nervously shook despite him resting his hand on your thigh under the table. he just wanted to make sure that you were ok. so he would bring it up late at night, when you were laying on his chest with his arm pulling you around and close to him. he would just mumble out something, something like, “just let me know what you’re comfortable with baby. wanna know what you’re ok with.”

and you just didn’t know. you didn’t know what you wanted or liked because you had never really done this before- the whole touching thing. but you would lick your lips and tell him that, yeah, you’re ok with the whole hand holding thing. you’d get used to it. you’d become comfortable with it. less jumpy. your heart rate would no longer pick up and your palms wouldn’t get as sweaty. 

and then one night, you’d reach for his hand instead.

Only the Cat Can

  “Look, man, I totally get the whole wanna-get-away-from-the-wife thing. But at least be straight up about it.” The trickster wrinkled his nose in mild confusion as he set his elbows on the table and his head in his hands, watching the warlock work. 

  “I mean, she’s gotta be a little annoying with that thing in her.” Robin shrugged. He smirked a moment later with the opportunity of a prank. When Alec wasn’t looking, he switched out a few of the ingredients and mixed two together, then relaxed to watch it unfold. 

  “What are you trying to do, anyway?” 


One more *Uurrrp~* F-for the road~!

OceanOtter needed a bath, and I was really hurting for a snack, so I decided we could kill two birds with one stone! In hindsight, I suppose I should’ve told him what I was going to be bathing him with, but on the other hand, he’ll be smelling and tasting a lot sweeter once he’s out! Just means I get to kick-back and relax while he washes up~

Tucker is surprised to learn just how affectionate Wash is.

After their first night together, Tucker wakes up to Wash on a command call, so he waits in the small kitchen space in Wash’s barracks (which is really just a stool with a coffee pot on it), knowing they’re about to have some deep conversation about feelings, when he’s nearly scared out of his wits by a kiss on his cheek and Wash placing a coffee cup in his hands. They actually don’t talk at all–Tucker doesn’t know what to say and Wash is… Wash, like, he doesn’t talk about feelings ever. Wash just puts on his armor and pecks Tucker on the lips before leaving his barracks.

Before missions, Wash tries to spend as much time with Tucker as he possibly can without skirting his duties just in case one of them doesn’t come back. He doesn’t bring up the possibility, though, only asks stupid questions and recites little fun facts about the stuff around them. Anything to distract Tucker from what might happen.

One morning when Tucker is brushing his teeth, he spots Wash in the mirror just watching him. He’s naturally a little weirded out, so he asks what the fuck Wash is looking at. Wash responds with “You’re just gorgeous, you know that?” and Tucker nearly chokes on the toothpaste cuz what tHE FUck.

When they fight about military tactics and training and rankings, they’re both hard as steel and stubborn as bulls, but when they argue about their relationship, Wash is always nearly in tears, because this is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him, he was so sure he’d never have anyone again, and if Tucker finds him so awful, he promises he can work on it, just give him time. He doesn’t want to manipulate Tucker into staying with him, but it’s just so hard after everything. “Please, Tucker, just give me a minute more.”

Pretty soon, Tucker is finding himself waking to gentle kisses and whispered “good morning”s, Wash spooning him tightly in his arms.

When Junior visits, Wash hires an interpreter so they can all have an actual conversation and hOLY FUCK Tucker never actually knew how smart his kid is. He loved him, sure, but is Junior really the president of Alien United Planets, when the fuck did that happen?

Wash tells Tucker that he loves him with a soft smile over coffee and they’re holding hands. Tucker blinks but says it back, even though he always just thought it was implied.

Just general situations that ended in Tucker asking Wash “Who the fuck are you, Jesus CHRIST, David!?”

I Mean It: Chapter Two (Calum Hood/Harry Styles Imagine)

Chapter One

 “Fuck,” I sighed as Calum dropped onto the bed beside me. He ran his fingers through his messy hair, his chest heaving. Laying there, I admired him for a moment and how perfect he was. Every tattoo. Every defined muscle. Every curve. Every. Little. Thing. Oh shit. Little things. Harry. Harry, waiting at home for me. Fuck. I sat up, reaching for my phone on the side table. It was 1:20 am and I had only one missed call from Harry. “Cal, I gotta go,” I mumbled, collecting my clothes from the floor and throwing them on. “What? Why so soon?” He groaned, his hands falling over his face while he stretched his body. “My boyfriend is…uh…he’s waiting for me,” I choked out. The guilt was already rushing into my veins. “Oh, right,” Calum sat up. Everything was coming back to him now as he sat there watching me get dressed. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done this,” I mumbled, shrugging on my jacket. “No it’s my fault, but don’t worry about it. Okay, he won’t find out,” Calum’s head dropped down, and he held it in his hands. “This never happened,” I said, placing my hand on his shoulder. Calum nodded, clenching his jaw and trying to avoid my eyes. “Bye Cal, I’ll see you around,” I pressed a kiss on his forehead and left. 


 “Harry,” I spoke softly. He was sitting up in bed, scrolling through his phone when I walked in. “Hey love,” he gave me a smile. Something about the way he was looking at me, I knew that he knew. I took a deep breath. “I know, baby, I know,” Harry mumbled, opening his arms to me. I couldn’t hold back the tears that fell out of my eyes and rolled down my cheeks. Climbing onto the bed, I wrapped my arms around his neck tightly. “I’m so sorry. I’m such a shit person,” I cried against his warm body, leaving tears on his skin. Harry stayed quiet for a while, just holding me close. Because of his nature, I knew he wasn’t going to walk away. He was only going to try harder to make me happy. Even though I knew I didn’t deserve it. “It’s going to be okay,” he whispered. I pulled back and straddled his hips, looking at him. “I’m sorry,” I said again. “I know you are,” Harry nodded, his hands traveling down to my butt. I leaned against his chest, wiggling my legs under the sheets and tangling our legs together. Harry ran his fingers through my hair, lulling me to sleep. 


I chewed my lip nervously, clutching onto Harry’s hand tighter. We were going to have lunch with Calum and Michael, and I knew that if Calum even ticked off Harry the slightest it could end very, very badly. “It’s going to be fine, love,” Harry squeezed my hand, holding the restaurant door open for me. “Hey guys,” Michael waved at us. Calum smirked at me, nodding at the big scarf I was wearing. I rolled my eyes and Harry slid into the booth next to me, placing his hand on my knee protectively. “Lads,” Harry nodding, sending a smile their way. Calum clenched his jaw and a heavy tension hung over the table. Michael and Harry made small talk while Calum repeatedly glanced over at me, catching my eye and then shifting his gaze between me and Harry. Harry’s hand didn’t move from my leg, but he let his fingers trail up and down my thigh. “So,” Calum stopped, raising his eyebrows, “How long have you guys been together now?” Jesus Christ Calum, I groaned internally. “Just over a year,” Harry smiled down at me, making butterflies in my stomach. “Wow, that’s a long time,” Calum mused. “Cal,” I shot him a warning look. Harry’s hand gripped my leg slightly and I could tell he was getting agitated. “There must be so much…trust in your relationship,” Calum smirked, leaning back in his seat. Michael shifted uncomfortably, feeling the tension rising. “Of course, I know she’d never leave me for somebody else,” Harry bit back. “What makes you so sure of that?” Calum pretended to be genuinely interested. “Mate, I know you slept with my girlfriend, okay. So back off,” Harry snapped. Michael coughed, looking down at his phone. “We should go,” I mumbled to Harry. Harry grabbed his card off the table and I led him out of the restaurant, leaving Calum with that stupid grin on his face. 


 “What the hell is wrong with you?” I hissed at Calum as I filed paperwork the next day at the studio. “What ever do you mean darling?” Calum chuckled, leaning against the cabinet. “Why are you acting like such a dick now. What happened between you and me was a one time thing. Harry already knows, okay, so you don’t need to keep rubbing it in,” I slammed the drawer shut, making Calum jump. “Jesus. Sorry. I just don’t understand. It was so easy for you to cheat on him, but you still run back to him and try to forget what happened,” Calum followed me down the hall. “Because, Cal, he understands me. We have an emotional connection too. Not everything is about sex. You and I don’t have the same connection that Harry and I have,” I sighed. Calum shrugged, “Fine, then I’ll show you that we have a good connection. I’ll prove to you just how much I really do care about you, Y/N. I mean it.” 

A/N Chapter Three? Also, let me know who you want Y/N to end up with! Harry or Calum?

Paint Me With Colours

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Isaac x Reader
Warning: N/A
Writer: imaginesofeveryfandom aka thequeenofthehobbits
Summary/Request: Requested by anon: Hello I was wondering if you could please do a one-shot of the reader and Isaac painting each other and kissing at the black light/ neon party from the 3x16.episode?
Notes: It’s more of a drabble, but I hope you enjoy x

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Translation of “Seiyou Kottou Yaneura-dou”

Western Antique Attic Hall

(“Hey, Noël, where are you right now!?”
“U-uhh…I think I’m somewhere nearby…?”
“That’s why I wanted to go with you, but you said that you’d be fine alone! Turn left at Flower Asato….crap! Noël, wait! My phone’s running out of battery-”)

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haleigh91 asked:

CS + 5

Disclaimer: I have never been pregnant nor have I known anyone who has been pregnant so I’m going off of what I’ve seen in movies and tv and the internet

Emma Swan cannot believe a simple one night stand with fellow Boston police officer Killian Jones ended up in a pregnancy (AO3, ff.net)

Definitely Not a One Time Thing

“Shit” Emma said quietly to herself as she sat on her bathroom floor, the positive pregnancy test still clutched in her hands. She should have known, she had been nauseous and vomiting for days and she had definitely missed her last period. She had tried to chalk it up to the stress of being a cop but there definitely was no denying it now. She was pregnant and it was her stupid coworker, Killian Jones’s baby. It was only meant to be a one time thing, a night of drinks and celebration over cracking a particularly hard case had led to them falling into his bed together and her sneaking out of his apartment before dawn. There had been no hard feelings from either side, they had both known it was just sex and was just a one night stand nothing more. But this? This definitely changed that.

Emma scrolled through her phone until she got to his number and debated whether this was news you call or text someone about. She held her breath as she pressed the call button and listened to the other line ring.

“Why Swan to what do I owe the pleasure?” he had answered jovially. Emma let out a shaky breath trying to figure out what she wanted to say.

“I need to talk to you about something, can um you come to my place so I can tell you?” she asked.

“Emma is everything all right?” Killian asked his voice suddenly full of concern.

“I’m pregnant,” she blurted out and long pause came from his end.

“Would you like me to bring some food for when we talk?” he asked breaking the silence.

“Ice cream would be nice,” she said wiping away a tear that was starting to fall.

“As you wish, I’ll be over there in 20 minutes,” he said before he hung up.

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anonymous asked:

Can you write a blurb on what kind of a boyfriend would Calum be? (Your masterlist doesn't open on the mobile app)

ok tiff and I have talked about this at length so I’m just going to list stuff so here it goes

so calum’s the type of boyfriend to

  • sit shirtless on the couch while watching a football game, beer resting on the coffee table, feet up on the ottoman, hands just casually down his pants
  • get all whiny at 6am when you need to get ready for school, going, “noooooooooooooooo” and reaching for you with grabby hands so you stay in bed
  • love having you sleep on his chest
  • want sex any time, anywhere
  • always be warm, like even when it’s snowing out you could grab his hand and it would always be warm
  • sit around shirtless in just a pair of grey sweats, no underwear underneath
  • blush and hide his face in your neck when you call him a “cheeky monkey”
  • use the monkey covering its eyes emoji way too much
  • walk around shirtless around the other guys so that they can see the scratch marks you left on him the previous night
  • ask for a blowjob at any chance he gets
  • call you “babe” or “sweet cheeks”
  • put too much soap in the dishwasher
  • gives you hickies all up and down you neck, deep purple and dark enough that your makeup can’t cover them
  • get a boner every time he spoons you because “damn, would you quit wiggling?” you knew what you were doing.
  • has you stay up late with him so that he can watch premier league games in real-time
  • stay in bed all day on sundays
  • rarely says the whole “I love you” because he’s kind of embarrassed of being so whipped for you, so around his friends he would just kind of kiss your cheek and mumble “love you” super quietly so no one else could hear. it was kind of better that way.
He finds out you used to self harm - Michael Clifford


After almost a year of dating, Michael had finally asked you to move in with him. You walked into your bedroom where he was sorting through one of your drawers as he sat on the edge of your bed.

“Babe, what are these?” he asked, holding a few sheets of paper in his hands as he looked up at you, a worried expression plastered on his face.

“Let me see?” you smiled waking over and looking at what he was holding, your face dropping the second you saw. They were old prescriptions and letters from your therapist and your doctor.

“Michael… I-I can explain-”

“You were treated for depression?” he asked, heartbreak evident in his voice as it shook.

“Michael, it was two years ago, I’m better now, I-” you spoke quickly, trying to find the words to explain, but he soon interrupted you.

“This says you self harmed… is that true?” he asked, his glossy green eyes staring up at you as they filled with tears.

You felt physically sick, Michael was never supposed to find out about this, you were better now, it was just another thing in your past.

You placed a shaky hand over your stomach as you stared back at him, “I did, but-” You didn’t have time to explain as Michael shot up, practically throwing himself at you as he hugged you tight to his body.

You felt his body shake as he cried, his face buried in the crook of your neck, the papers now crumpled in his hand against your back.

You brought your hands up and held onto the sides of his t-shirt as you began to cry too.

A few minutes later he pulled away, placing multiple kisses to your lips, “I’m so sorry,” he sobbed, kissing you again, “I love you so much,” *kiss, “I won’t ever let anything happen to you,” he placed one final firm kiss to your lips before tightening his grip around you again and nuzzling his face back into your neck.

You didn’t know why he was sorry, but you did know that you felt safe, and protected, and happy in his arms. And that’s all that mattered.

anonymous asked:

zarry gangster au!

  • Harry is the heir, raised to run the business. He’s good at it too, he knows; knows how to grease the right palms and smile at the right people and when nothing but a gun will do the trick. he’s got plans for his family. They’re going places. 
  • Zayn thinks he’s cute. It’s ironic, a bit, that that’s his first impression, but it is. He’s cute, this man he bumps into at a cafe where he’s getting a coffee before school. Cute, and he apologizes nicely for his clumsiness, and if his hand lingers on Zayn’s elbow it’s not unwelcome. He feels like money, like he’s an escape from the world Zayn grew up in, and Zayn accepts his number (so he can send the bill for cleaning his shirt, even though it’ll be about fifty cents) with pleasure. 
  • Harry jumps through so many hoops to keep Zayn from knowing what he does. Zayn’s a teacher, for god’s sake, he teaches English and Art and he’s beautiful and there’s just a hint of sadness in his eyes and Harry wants to keep him forever and keep him smiling at Harry forever like he’s good. Harry’s never wanted to be good quite as much as when Zayn’s smiling at him like he thinks he is. 
  • Zayn knows from the first date. He’s not stupid, and Zayn knows what it looks like when a man’s used to carrying a gun. He knows the way people watch their surroundings when violence is always lurking. But Harry’s sweet with Zayn, and he’s got an edge to him that all of the nice boys Zayn’s met since he left lacked, one that keeps Zayn interested like nothing else could. So Zayn lets him keep his charade, if it makes him happy, because Harry makes Zayn happy. 
  • They’ve been going out for two months before Zayn shoots a man. Harry gapes at him, at his sweet, untouched Zayn with a gun in his hand like he knows how to hold it and his lips set, staring down at the goon sent to put pressure on Harry while he was on a date. Zayn just gives the body a glare, then turns to Harry. “I assume you can make this go away,” he says, and then when Harry’s still staring, he shrugs. “I have my secrets too.” 
  • (his secrets are his sealed juvie file. His secrets are all the things he ran from, the world hundreds of miles from this one that he could have ruled if he wanted, the one that keeps sucking him back in. His secrets are hands that don’t shake when he shoots a man, and a family he doesn’t dare call, and a life he left. His secrets are the things he doesn’t tell Harry for months, until he has to, because the secrets are what keeps him safe.)
  • (Harry loves him more for the secrets. For the sadness in his eyes and how he got out. He’ll keep him out, he swears. He won’t let it touch him again. He’ll drape him in jewels and silk and silver, and none of the ugly he left behind will ever get near him. Zayn smiles sadly, and strokes his cheek. It’s sweet. But Zayn knows better. He knows it’ll come back for him soon)

So I guess I was at some kpop school or something and I went to homeroom (me and my friend Sara) and Sara and I are sitting in a row with Baekyeol. Everyone is getting up to get cereal and milk from this table for breakfast but Chanyeol and Baekhyun just pull out pasta and pizza. 

The guy next to Baekyeol raises his hand and complains to the teacher like “ teacher Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s food is bothering me.” 

and SUHO turns around from the front row with this weird expression on his face and he turns to the boy and goes ( and i quote ) 

“What part is bothering you? The cheese? Or the bread? Is it the pasta? Or is it the fact that they were the only ones who thought to bring it while your dumb ass is eating fruit loops?” 

At this point the whole class fell out and when I woke up I was so confused but i was like YASSSSSSSS SUHO. 

I just wanted to share this AMAZING SASS with y'all this morning lmao.