Okay so the scariest thing happened to me yesterday. I went to school as normal, but I can’t remember anything after 8:30, around 12:15 the my friend and my teacher brought me to the school nurse and I went home around 1pm. So I woke up in my bed around 9 pm and I couldn’t remember anything that happened. I still can’t. I went to school today, and people kept coming up to me telling me that I was talking to them the day before, but I didn’t look right and I couldn’t walk, like I kept falling over. Everyone who came up to me said the same thing, that I looked like I was drugged. I already made a doctor’s appointment when I woke up at home and was so disoriented, cause sometimes I have vertigo, and was worried it might be that, but I especially wanted one after people were telling me this. I have no memory of going to class, or the nurses office, the drive home, or how I got into my bed. So I just got home from the doctor, who did a toxicology and apparently I was slipped “flunitrazepam”, which if you don’t know is the date rape drug. The only thing I had to drink yesterday was water, that I bought from a vending machine. So someone, at some point, slipped drugs into my water bottle, while it was unattended. What kind of sick twisted world do we live in that I can’t even go to school without being afraid that someone is going to drug me? 

You guys. My brother just called me. My dad’s dad just passed away today. How on earth is this happening? I just saw him at my dad’s funeral and now he’s gone. Oh my god I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. First my dad and now my papa. What am I supposed to do? I’m literally so numb….. This can’t be real. Oh my god. Oh my god.