Nintendo calendar says Inazuma Eleven in North America Q1 ⊟

Looks like we’re finally going to find out what Fran’s been talking about on the podcast, as a Nintendo release calendar (via GoNintendo) has “Inazuma Eleven” for 3DS coming in Q1.

This isn’t an official announcement, though it kinda is, and we don’t know exactly which Inazuma Eleven game it’s going to be. I’m going to guess it’s 3, because that one was released on 3DS in Europe.

Everything about this is weird: the non-announcement, the ambiguous title, and the fact that there is a series of RPGs about anime soccer.

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This really fucked me up
I always thought that the music in some Dragon Ball games sounded like Metroid Prime music. So I looked up the composers of those games to see if they were the same person
Both Metroid Prime and some Dragon Ball games were composed by Kenji Yamamoto
But the Kenji Yamamoto from Metroid isn’t the same Kenji Yamamoto from Dragon Ball