I guess it’s just disappointing cause once you really take some time to look at a person the way that they really are, it’s like “Hey, shit. You’re not as great as I thought you were” and even though you don’t dare say it out loud cause some part of you just really loves them and wants it all to be okay and continue the way it’s always been cause you’ve come to love how it is but like there’s a moment where you realize it’s not a heathy relationship. This is pertaining to relationships and friendships on some occasions even with family. It’s like you put this person on a pedestal cause you love them but when you’re away from them long enough, around better people or you see other people being treated better you kinda get a glimpse at how it should be and then it’s like man where the fuck has my brain been and then it kinda comes back to life and goes “you fucking moron locked me away” of course it’s talking to the heart.

superserendipitously: Hello! I have just boarded the Stucky ship and I was just wondering if you could help me get started for shipping this two? Fic recs? Headcannons? Anything really ^^

Hey Abby,

This finally gives me an actual chance to create a fic rec.

As for fic recs

They are mostly E or M (because I know what all you dirty freaks really want)

Wildfire by tinymouse

Don’t you know I’ll be there for you, always, always by secretsinmysoul

-A personal fave btw. Rain, tent, bottom!bucky. Need I say more?

Guns Not Butter by reserve

The President’s Son by RockSaltAndRoll

and the rest is literally anything from ohcaptainmycaptain 

Seriously she’s like a godess


TokyoGhoulWeek || Day 6: Death → Represents endings, beginnings & transformation
↳ Kaneki Ken + Five Stages of Grief by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross 


Who are they?
Courtney Woods’ mum and dad.
Can someone else do them first?
Not a problem, mate. I can cope with anything tonight.