Petition for Partition cover by Chester See

Okay, hear me out.

As we all know, chesterlsee will be making his YouTube comeback on February 3rd. 

This is my official suggestion to Chester See to cover “Partition” by Beyonce.

Yes, I know it’s a bit “old”, but I think he could really do a lot with this song and make it really sexy GREAT! (Kind of like how he made “We Can’t Stop” sexy great!). He wouldn’t even necessarily have to do the intro or the entire song if he didn’t want to and he could change the words to do sexy cool stuff like this:

"I don’t need you seein’ Chester on his knees…"

And maybe he could be in a limo…

Just shooting out ideas, here. I haven’t been thinking about this for a while or anything.

I mean c’mon, fellow subscribers. The internet needs this to happen. 

So, if you agree, like or reblog this “Petition for Partition” and maybe he’ll do it? It’s worth a shot.

Welp, catch ya later!


anonymous asked:

did you expect the lamp thing to become a thing cause im thanking the high heavens or whatever that it DID oh my GOD

oh my GOD the lamp thing. no i didn’t expect that at all, it’s surprisingly hilarious how it came about and caught on. i was watching the movie w/ captions on & taking random screenshots and IT JUST HAPPENED (jack gesturing towards the lamp as “this is my pal, david” was on screen) and the idea popped into my head and i posted it. and other ppl thought it was funny as well. and it became a thing. a totally random thing, but a thing. so now davey is a lamp. i love this fandom.

Tear drops

I’m lying in bed, holding back the tears caused by the pain of losing you. I hope your okay, I hope your happy because no matter what I still love you. The tear drops will start to appear soon and I’ll be consumed by the memory of you leaving me behind but no matter what I can’t hold them back.The windows have turned foggy now cause I can’t stop missing you, being by my side.
*Katie Cristo


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This is a Mashup between

“Heartbeat Song” by Kelly Clarkson

“We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus!

by AnDy Wu

Enjoy it!!!