Elle & Evelina present White Collar Appreciation Week!

January 19th  Elizabeth Burke || Escape from Keller

A few weeks ago, I tried to covince a friend of mine to watch White Collar. They watched two episodes in early season one, and made a comment to me that, “They liked almost everyone, except Elizabeth.” When I asked why (because, seriously, who the actual hell hates Elizabeth Burke?) they replied, “She really doesn’t do anything except lend an ear for Peter and bake things for Mozzie and Neal.”


While El might do those things, that’s not all she’s about. She may not be an FBI agent like Diana, or a cop like Ellen, or get into dangerous situations as much as Sara, but El is just as strong a female as they are.

I chose this particular scene to gif for a reason. In the season three episode “Checkmate,” Keller kidnaps El as revenge (and to force a trade) against Peter and Neal. Does Elizabeth just sit there and bide her time, waiting for Neal and Peter to swoop in and rescue her? No. Throughout the entire episode, El attempts to get out and rescue herself, culminating in the above scene where she - SHE. Not Peter. Not Neal. Not Mozzie. Not Jones. Not Diana - gets herself to freedom. El risks her life in a dangerous situation to save herself and protect those around her.

El might be the “sweet one,” “the listener,” and “the caregiver,” but she sure as hell is NOT a damsel in distress. She may not end up in dangerous situations as often as the other characters, but El is just as flawless and badass and strong as any other woman on this show and don’t you dare think for a second that she couldn’t kick your ass.