Part 20 of 20. The end. These are from March to June of this year. They’re roughly the last things I have done. Mostly.

Walkatrout. Colored Cannonbolt. A dumb Ult Swampfire. Anur alien concepts. Alien layouts. Splixsons. A request from some deviantart kid that I still have not done after seven months (sorry deviantart kid). a billboard. Fan aliens. More of the same really.

This brings to a close the big dump of Ben 10 sketches. All in all, that’s over 200 pictures in the last two years or so. And it’s only the stuff I put up on formspring that I could find–there’s at least over 20 drawings I remember doing but that formspring apparently ate. Most of them were fanalien shit, so it’s alright. Just imagine something stupid. And there’s of course dozens more that I never found worth posting, or could not be bothered because lazy. But I guess the point has been made about how much I have drawn about Ben 10. It’s kind of a lot.