if you silence women who are talking about their bodies and the oppression that stems from their bodies how the hell are you still calling yourself a feminist

Rumple and Regina are positioned as the cursed spindle of a spinning wheel and Maleficent, respectively, within the show’s Sleeping Beauty storyline and Emma is Aurora.

Regina’s not getting a redemption arc this season. She’s not getting a redemption arc at all. She never has been, she never will. It’s part of her basic character traits to not be satisfied with any happy ending she ever achieves, so she will never, ever get a happy ending. That’s just a part of who she is.

The Sorcerer is Killian’s father and Cruella is Killian’s mother.

Regina and Rumple are going to torture Henry during much of the final episode.

Regina wants Henry’s heart to make herself the Author and travel back in time so she can rewrite her own story.

Will is the reincarnation of Liam—that, I’m pretty sure of.

Robin is an agent of the Sorcerer.