You, and many people around the world, like you, inspire us all the time. You’re certainly not alone. All of us have dark days. Including the long haired hippy here on the screen. We all have lots of dark days, lots of failure, lots of doubt, lots of fear. So you’re certainly not alone. When those moments happen - I always think of it as an important part of life. You can’t have sun without rain and those rainy days help to make us who we are. That’s usually where we learn the great lessons. It’s hard to remember that in the moment, in the valley, but it makes life so much richer. Today’s curse is definitely tomorrow’s blessing, is what I’ve found. Many, many times.
—  Jared Leto


La Leto twerking in USA spandex leggings and richard simmons “seventies” gym shorts will go down in history as one of the most beautiful things in this world.