By @voodoufairy “As we become one with the world, we begin to understand more and more and become separated from the majority who are subject to ‘the process’ 👥👥👥👥May all beings be unified… #voodoofairy” via @PhotoRepost_app

I never take for granted my mum’s flourishing organic veg patch whenever I am at home! Lots of leafy greens 🌿 spinach 🌿 kale 🌿 So yum! 🙈 #voodoofairy #happyholidays


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Several yards of lace and cotton have been used to create this beautiful maxi skirt. It is full and flared but also hugs the hips perfectly to create a gorgeous shape and also flatter the body. Perfect for women of all shapes and sizes and easy to wear.

You will feel so free to create magic and dance around in this skirt…


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.: Fairy Maxi Leng†h Skirt with Detachable Pocket :.

This beautiful skirt is made using medium weight Green Corduroy Fabric making it very durable and full. It is perfect for keeping warm this winter when worn with leggings and boots/legwarmers as shown in the 3rd photo but you can also wear it through the summer months as it wraps around loose like you are wearing nothing at all!

It is perfect for wild women who love to run with the wolves…


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Humans have a deep yearning to to go into the excitement of the unknown and return empowered. Most however, are too filled with fear and attachment to ever let go of the tiny little pond called matter… 🍃🌀🍃
To awaken alone in strange and unfamiliar lands is one of the most pleasant sensations in the world. I am here and until the universe directs me otherwise or unveils another purpose elsewhere; for now this is home 🌺💕🌺 #Ubud #Bali #Indonesia #Manakees #Voodoofairy