Oh, the stuff I find, Photoshop saves scattered all across my laptop. Shit happens when you stay up until very dawn. Anyhoo, VarricXHawke WIP art, hopefully I will finish it one day. But let me tell you this: shit is hard to draw, when you try to figure out dwarf body proportions. I’m still new to dwarves D:

AU where the withered animatronics are toys, and the toys are the withered animatronics. 

[Part 1]

[Part 2] (Coming soon)

After an hour of being outside in the snow, 3 hours of being passed out and during two lectures at university, this monstrosity is done.

Foxy only looks rugged because hes still a pirate. I doubt even in the first game the damage was from deconstruction. I think he was made to have those open gaps just so he looked more like he’d seen some shit.

  • random stranger:i like this one taylor swift song
  • me:*gives a literal 40 minute speech on the vocal techniques and instruments used in said song as well as an in depth analysis on the metaphorical complexity of the lyrics*

Don’t F#ck with Taylor Swift

This is why ellendegeneres should think twice about scaring taylorswift. You never know when she’s gonna snap…


As promised, lady Brick! His design is very strongly gendered (huge emphasis on big shoulders/narrow waist&hips, receding hairline) so it was fun to see how far I could push that in a female version.

For dude Lilith, click here: http://zizifothsi.tumblr.com/post/109349729189/borderlands-2-rule-63-soooooo-i-was-going