Vodka Collins bandPink Soup” album promotional tour of Japan 1997.

1) Planning the tour with manager Masotoshi Osaku (left) and center Alan Merrill and on the right Hiroshi Oguchi.

2) Recording the album “Pink Soup” in Tokyo - playback and mix. L-R: Alan Merrill, Masayoshi Kabe and Hiroshi Oguchi.

3) Masayoshi Kabe and Hiroshi Oguchu, Vodka Collins bass and drums.

4) Alan Merrill sound check, Osaka.

5) Hotel elevator, Alan Merrill and Mosieur Kamayatsu, Osaka.

6) Vodka Collins live in Kyoto.

7) Alan Merrill with Vodka Collins, live in Osaka,

8) After the show, Alan Merrill, a club staffer (name unknown) and Hiroshi Oguchi.

9) Vodka Collins TV interview in Tokyo 1997.

10) Vodka Collins at Bar Amrta, Nishi Azabu Tokyo.

Vodka Collins ウォッカコリンズ band reunion 1990 at club Ink Stick, Shibaura Tokyo. Founding band members Alan Merrill アラン・メリル (guitar/vocals) and Hiroshi Oguchi 大口 広司 (drums) with backing vocals by The Coconuts (of Kid Creole & the..), Robin Lemesurier (guitar) Donnie Kisselbach (bass) Shinohara Nobuhiko (keyboards) The Upskirt Horns, Yohan, Toshi and Hiro.

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The band Vodka Collins first reunion tour in 1990 with founding members Alan Merrill and Hiroshi Oguchi. Augmented this time by the background vocals of The Coconuts (of Kid Creole and the Coconuts) Adriana Kaegi, Janique Svedberg, Cheryl Poirier. Keyboard, Shinohara Nobuhiko. Guitar, Robin Lemesurier. Bass, Donnie Kisselbach. The Upskirt Horns (Yohan, Toshi and Hiro). Drums, Hiroshi Oguchi. Guitar - lead vocals, Alan Merrill. Here Alan Merrill performs his classic composition “I Love Rock N Roll" originally recorded by his band Arrows in 1975.