Alright  so a while back i rebloged a post about a tumblr user making their own teen titians  storys and they made art to go along with the characters. Static was in it and i loved this redesign so much i decided to cosplay as him and im probally gonna make a static costume similar to his their design as well, any who these are some pics i took as the new stylish Virgil i think i like this look so much that A imma dress like this and B show up in an Episode looking like this its awesome! anyways don’t be afraid to comment reblog and tell me what yall think so tell me what yall think?

Virgil Ovid Hawkins originates from [crime-infested] Dakota City. Gangs were commonplace&turf wars were a regular occurrence. All the local gangs agreed to settle things once&for all at an intersection of the three main gangs’ territories, a spot called Ground Zero. This “Big Bang” was no secret&when more than five hundred members converged that night, everyone in the area, police included, knew what was going down. The mayor decided to take advantage of the situation by marking herself as a “tough on crime” candidate for the next election. Once the fight began, she ordered the police to release a special tear gas containing a harmless radioactive marker, which would allow them to track any members who got away, but things went hideously wrong, as the gas killed over 90% of the people exposed, with the survivors either being mutated into monstrous forms or gaining superpowers. Those individuals became known as Bang Babies. Among them was Hawkins, who gained a variety of electromagnetic abilities; inspired by the comics he read, he decided to become the hero Static.

Static Shock, by DgSantos.


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Static Shock Phenomenon is a Yvz Productions adaptation of the comic book and tv show superhero character “Static Shock” created by Dwayne McDuffie for milestone comics who later became a character for DC comics. This is a Non Profit fan film mini web series that follows the stories of high schoolers Virgil Hawkins and Richie Foley. After an incident later named the “Big Bang” which caused many of the gang youth in Dakota City including Virgil become gifted with meta human powers. Episode 1 takes you through Virgil’s first 48 hours the night after the “Big Bang” what he did and how he decided to become Dakota’s Hero and Protector.

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