In this special issue, looks at 20 legendary figures — in the arts, politics, science and sports — who have appeared in the pages of LIFE magazine.

Their status as legends was in no small part the result of personal struggles against prejudice or poverty or whatever their peers and rivals warned were the absolute limits of human potential. In the end, it’s that tenacity in the face of doubt and rejection; the drive to accomplish something breathlessly new something that changes the way we live, think and dream — that we honor and remember.

Pictured: Margaret Bourke-White logged a staggering number of firsts. As a pioneering photojournalist, she was among the first staff photographers hired at LIFE and she took its first cover photo. (read more here)


Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix.

On October 15, 1965, Hendrix signed his first recording contract with PPX Enterprises for $1.00 and 1% royalties for three years, in a controversial deal that would complicate Hendrix’s future success. Now, the contract is displayed at the Gotta Have It! Rock & Roll Pop Art Auction Press Preview at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex NYC in New York City, though it is the source of legal disputes to this day.

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Sail away! Check out these vinta boat-inspired nails! I’ve always been fascinated by these colorful boats as a kid. Can you imagine seeing a fleet of them out in the open waters? That would be amazing! Anyway, I decided to pair the design with some traditional textile patterns from southern Philippines just to keep things interesting. Btw, thanks, Rhea, for sitting through this!

When LIFE magazine’s premiere issue hit newsstands on November 23, 1936, a star was born — LIFE’s cover was soon as recognizable an American icon as the spire of the Empire State Building.

As we are approaching the 75th anniversary of the magazine’s debut, LIFE presents, in chronological order, the 75 most moving, most striking, most beautiful LIFE covers of all time, as chosen by the site’s editors.

Pictured: April 30, 1965: The Days Before Birth

Sixteen photos excerpted from Swedish photojournalist Lennart Nilsson’s book A Life Is Born were published in the April 30, 1965, issue of LIFE — but perhaps none as breathtaking or memorable as this cover image. Every one of the 8 million copies of LIFE printed sold out with four days.  

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22 days left! Support Harold Feinstein’s photobook retrospective on Kickstarter.

For over 60 years, New York photographer Harold Feinstein has been documenting American life from the integration of the U.S. military to love and fun on the boardwalk of Coney Island. His photos have been shown at the Museum of Modern Art, the International Center of Photography, the George Eastman House, the Museum of Photographic Arts, the Musee d’Art Moderne, and the Museum for the City of New York, among other places of note.

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In an age when a raucous juggernaut of TV shows, books, websites, blogs, magazines, and “star chefs” have turned cooking into a just another unappetizing, high-stakes competition — rather than celebrating it as one of life’s elemental pleasures — it’s gratifying to occasionally slow down, take a breath, and recall some of the clever devices that, over the years, have quietly furthered the culinary arts … or at least tried to.

Pictured: A wind-up spaghetti fork in operation.

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