Radisson Suspends Vikings Sponsorship Over Peterson Charges


The Radisson hotel chain is suspending its sponsorship of the Minnesota Vikings in the wake of child abuse charges against star running back Adrian Peterson.

CoverGirl is also taking heat on social media, with a photo-shopped image being circulated showing a woman wearing Baltimore Ravens-colored makeup and a black eye.

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drekka (v.) - to drink

A very important word in Old Norse

It’s used in many forms and has some interesting changes when it’s used, especially in this passage. It can also be a noun, and there are many ways to drink (drekka mjök - drink fast, drekka ein af stokki - to drink one under the table, drekkr sér lítit vit - to drink away one’s reason). It can also mean to host a feast and celebrate, and to drink out of a vessel (drukku þeir af einu silfrkeri).

In the passage: Þórr svarar engu, setr hornit á munn sér ok hyggr nú, at hann skal drekka meira drykk, ok þreytir á drykkjuna, sem honum vannst til örendi, ok enn sér hann, at stikillinn hornsins vill ekki upp svá mjök sem honum líkar. Ok er hann tók hornið af munni sér ok sér í, lízt honum nú svá sem minna hafi þorrit men í inu fyrra sinni. Er nú gott beranda borð á horninu.

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