It's Time to 'Rise & Shine' With Adeaze

If I was a lazy writer, I would say that Samoan brothers Nainz and Viiz are like the New Zealand version of Dawkins & Dawkins.  But that comparison doesn’t come close to describing the unique sound that is Adeaze.  Their beautiful, tight harmonies and authentic, inspirational songs has made Adeaze one of the most popular R&B groups in New Zealand.   On their top-selling 2004 debut, Always & For Real, Adeaze displayed their crossover talent in writing love songs with both pop sensibility and biblical lessons.  Their songs can transport you to a small, loving church or a relaxing bonfire on the beach.  It’s just that liberating.  After a seven year recording hiatus where Adeaze took time to tour and raise their families, they return with Rise & Shine.  The music video for the album’s title track has everything I love about Adeaze.   Rise & Shine captures their soothing vocals, comforting lyrics, and their love for humanity that unifies it all.  Nainz and Viiz are humbly, yet surely one of the best vocalists in the industry.  Website  Facebook  Twitter