For those who might not have seen Nez’s last-minute announcement on FB, he briefly popped into VR3D earlier today while giving a demo to some folks. Happily, some kind soul recorded the proceedings and posted it on Youtube for us all to enjoy, so here it is! 

Special Awesome BONUS: Nez playing/singing “The Girl I Knew Somewhere” in preparation for the forthcoming Monkees tour!!

Michael Nesmith  23rd September 2014

16 hrs ·

Enantiodromia. The process in which the means of success becomes the means of failure. Applicable to systems, societies and individuals.

I think FB may be entering into this phase — I am lessening my time here, but with no strangeness or bitterness or sense of loss — only a sense that the worm may be turning and looking beyond to other views.

However, the principle reason for my absence is that I’ve been writing and getting ready for some self publishing and working on a whole rack of stuff that has kept me busy, focused, silent, and away from FB — and thanks for you kind remarks and concerns.

I am quite well, healthy and happy. I have the Fall to myself since the tour was cancelled so I am taking the time to pursue a few things that have been waiting.

I’m going to self publish The America Gene as a book. It’ll come out end of September and should be in Amazon in print and Kindle soon after. You will be able to get it from as usual and I am taking the .pdf book down when the print and Kindle go up for sale. I’ll put up a post when it all comes together. Probably a week or so.

Other things occupy thought but too soon to tell about them. All good.

I think good is the gravity of Life. A comforting companion thought in these days of war and disease.

So, for the second time this week, I seem to be experiencing motion sickness…not from being in a car or other vehicle, but from looking at a screen. I got a new computer recently (desktop, very hi res), and I experienced this feeling after going into Videoranch3D last Sunday, and again tonight after Circe and Christian’s concert. I never felt this with my old laptop, so I think it must be the new computer. Has anyone else ever gotten computer-related motion sickness? And how do I fix it, cause damn does the dizziness suck. Help me out, folks!

Michael Nesmith 6th December 2014

22 mins ·

I used to be afraid of solitude, but I understand it better now. I grew up surrounded by family and friends and only a few years ago found myself living entirely alone.

At first loneliness was everpresent, like a wave, coming and going and bringing awful moments of despair and doubt, crying and self-pity. It was like a disease. It was abnormal and painful.

In a natural and easy way however I caught a few moments of quiet solitude, of being alone with my thoughts and being calm. I started to see the difference between loneliness and solitude.

I stopped trying to fight the loneliness, and replaced the feeling of loneliness with the higher idea of solitude, and I began to value more and more my moments of solitude and quiet. I started noticing other things beside my own condition, started turning more outward.

It was a nice change for me, having this solitude open me up to other people and other things. I discovered my kids and my family, my friends and their lives; I discovered more and more going on around me by this calm stillness of solitude.

In 1998 I built Videoranch, the idea being to create a virtual world that I could socialize in with other people, a world of just hanging out in a pleasant virtual place.

Then in 2006 I came up with the process of embedding live video in the virtual world where the virtual audience could communicate in real time with the live video performers. The virtual audience and the performers could all talk to and see each other.

It was a bit strange at first – sitting alone at a computer and talking and interacting and playing with people all over the world.

About the same time I started playing World of Warcraft, and other games. I knew my kids had played Dungeons and Dragons while young, but it never interested me, except for their involvement. I was like most parents watching their kids play.

Warcraft was the first time I ever had the experience of playing a game in a virtual world with so many people, and I loved it when my kids and I started playing together.

Videoranch does not have game play – but it does have live performances.

Over the next few years from 2006 to 2010, I played in both worlds and watched them. When Victoria, my wife of twenty five years and I split I was heartbroken and withdrew into my loneliness and sorrow.

I set Videoranch and WoW aside.

But I missed those worlds, and bit by bit I started to think about those virtual worlds and all the real people that populate them.

It wasn’t until my recognition of the high value of solitude that I was open enough to realize what good thing these virtual worlds could be. The more I savored my solitude, the more I saw these worlds as community, and my interest in VR and WoW returned.

Christian and Circe, my oldest son and SO, started playing concerts in the virtual world through a 2D site and I enjoyed watching them play and sing. (Grown up kids with serious skills are a lot of fun to have around.)

So this last year I worked on Videoranch, and created VR3D and VR2D to accommodate C&C among others. I put in a tip jar so they could ply their trade, and people could contribute. I set up a few more goodies so Mac users can watch, even if it is only from the 2D site, and communicate with the rest of the audience.

C&C are on their way up to day to Videoranch to play a concert tomorrow, Dec 7th at 3PM PST in Videoranch. While they were here over Thanksgiving holidays we all played Warcraft together, Jonathan built a toon to play in WoW and joined us. It was a joyful and happy time together. They were here all week.

But finally, when they all went home, I was glad to see them go. I was glad to return to my blessed solitude, where all my kids are in my thoughts along with all the other ideas that populate my thinking.

These ideas that grow in solitude are strong, beautiful, calming, creative ideas that reach out and lift me up in their altitude, to their mountain tops. On those mountain tops I see all these virtual worlds and virtual people, experience extraordinary moments of happiness and comfort where people connect in the real world.

The Videoranch experience has been one of the richest I have had so far – and it has uncovered for me this possibility of having solitude and peace surrounded by people and ideas in a world I never knew.

If you get a chance to stop by tomorrow into Videoranch we would love to see you.

If you are a WoW player, say hi. My WoW guilds are Videoranch on Alliance and Welach on the Horde side. A player who’s game name is Darkopal runs them.

See you tomorrow Dec 7th at 3PM Pacific time in Videoranch if you can make — singing and laughing. Dancing like no one is watching.

Attention, folks! Lynsey Moon—who is the DJ in Michael Nesmith’s virtual world Videoranch3D and one of our very favorite musicians—is currently entered in the FIAT Band Prix contest, in which she has a chance to appear on VH1! But she needs your vote, so please click the link above to help out.

TO VOTE: 1) “Like” the FIAT Band Prix FB page; 2) Click “DOWNLOAD” next to Lynsey Moon’s name to cast your vote (if you are searching by category, Lynsey is listed under “Alternative”). You’ll receive a free download of Lynsey’s song “Anywhere But Here” (with backing vocals by Circe Link) as a thank you. 

Thanks so much, everyone. And please do reblog this if you are so inclined. Together, we can help Lynsey Moon win!

Michael Nesmith  20th November 2014

5 hrs ·

Taking some time off writing the new book and getting ready for the Holiday — kids are coming. Kids? They are older than I am now. Almost the complete gang together — house full.

I have to go into VR3D today and pull together the last of the tech for the VR3D and VR2D show with Circe and Christian they are doing on the !0th of December.

They have been doing Concert Window shows and so I decided to put together VR enough so they can come here and do the shows. It was a lot of set up though. The biggest part has to do with the tip jar. That is how this works for the artists. If an audience member wants to tip they can, real time, any amount, with a credit card —then I can flow the all the money through to C&C from VR.

So we had to build the tip jar and set up the encoders to handle the new streaming software and I had to do some work on the double composite tech that makes the VR3D site work. VR3D still only works for Windows, VR2D works on Mac and Devices — we hope. All that is coming together today and tomorrow.

Plus I just got the WOW expansion running and leveled three tunes to 90+ so I can get a look at the new world. It really is a big step forward.

I am more certain than ever we are all heading into the Virtual World Web from the World Wide Web — and I am sort of biding my time until that all comes together. It is going to take huge bandwidth and lots of great rigs to get the full benefit the VWW offers — but I am having a great time building and playing as it all builds out and comes to pass.

If all goes well at the Studio and it all lights up then I am off to Costco for food shopping for next week. Ever since Julia Childs said she bought her meats at Costco I have been shopping there for big events — and Julia was right — plus where else you gonna go buy pounds of butter a gallons of milk and dozens of eggs.

8 for breakfast lunch and dinner is not much in a virtual world — here at the house it’s a handful. Everybody pitches in.

It’s A happy handful.

Mark the date for the VR show Dec 10 if you want to come — free and open to the public — and have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Grateful one. Appreciation is the reflection of the joy of giving — that is why appreciation is synonymous with increase.

Michael Nesmith

5 hrs · Edited ·

OOOPs. Phone started ringing. I have the date wrong on the below post — it is Dec 7th that Circe and Christian are playing at Videoranch — in VR2D and VR3D. I decided to edit here instead of the original post. Sorry for the mix up. Life is confusing ever since Einstein collapsed time into space.