• Me:*has animation ideas*
  • Me:*has video game ideas*
  • Me:*has character design ideas*
  • Me:*has story ideas*
  • Me:*has commissions to do*
  • Me:*has bills to pay*
  • Me:*has depression and anxiety and perfectionism issues and is generally indecisive as is*
  • Me:this is fine


Real name Arseny Sergeyevich Pavlov, he is the commander of the Pro-Russian Special Forces unit “Sparta Battalion” operating in the Ukraine. His nickname is Motorola, though not sure how that came about. If you’ve played the Metro 2033 video game series, his logo is the same as the ones used by the Rangers of the Spartan Order. To an extent he even dresses like the video game characters. He recently married his girlfriend, Elena Kolenkina, who is also a militia fighter. Note the Makarov and holster with her wedding dress.

Though he may look lighthearted and comedic, he is wanted for war crimes regarding the executions of prisoners of war, supposedly having boasted to killing 15 captured Ukrainian soldiers. He is also infamously known for having fired upon his own troops with an automatic 30mm Grenade Launcher just to see if they were awake, alert and manning their posts. (GRH)


Dissidia Squall Leonhart + Bartz Klauser

Peak comic con season is rapidly approaching, and if you’ve not yet put together your costume, there’s still time to start. A catsuit or bodysuit is the perfect foundation piece for many comic book, video game, and fantasy characters. You can add your own accessories, such as gun holsters or a wig, and transform into almost anyone!

the-darkest-of-souls asked:

Do you legitimately elusive link is trans

I mean, do you really want to know, or do you just want to have a laugh? If you’re not actually interested and just want some excuse to say “haha, look at the delusional trans”, then like, you don’t need my help for that, guffaw away.

But I’m in a mood so I’ll proceed under the generous presumption that this is asked in earnest.

We need to break this question into two component parts:

-Do you believe that Link is written as transgender?
-Do you believe that Link could be transgender?

To the first question, which I’m sure is all you care about, no. Of course not. There hasn’t been a single game in released in the whole history of video games where your character was either written deliberately as transgender, or even allowed you to express through character creation or dialogue choices that you are transgender.

Could Link be transgender? Such as to say, could the stories as they are told feature a transgender protagonists, and still play out as we have seen them? Well, absolutely! Nothing in any Legend of Zelda story ever relies on Link having a certain reproductive role. Link’s skills are in swinging swords, fighting monsters, using complex tools, solving puzzles, and feats of acrobatics. None of that demands that Link be any particular gender, or have any particular gender assignment.

Why am I talking your ear off about this, you’re probably wondering. Well here’s the point I’m trying to make. I’ve never seen myself in any interactive story, except for when people like me are made the butt of old, unfunny jokes about “men in dresses”. The only way I can have that experience is to use my imagination.

And a lot of girls like me want to have this experience, of seeing ourselves in the stories we love, of getting to imagine that someone like us could be the hero and save the world. So we make little posts and share them around that say that such and such beloved character is transgender, and little blurbs of reinterpretation that make that fun to think about. It alleviates the sense of marginalization that comes with being invisible except for when you’re dragged out to be mocked publicly.

I imagine that’s all pretty foreign to you. And that’s kind of the point. It’s not for you. Yet, when we have our bit of fun, people like you constantly come down to drag our posts, or us, through the dirt and demand we explain ourselves. It gets pretty exhausting. I hope that now that you’ve been given a thorough explaination, you’ll understand the context next time you read a post about Samus or Link or any other beloved character being transgender.

ruusalor asked:

Hey 0llie, I was wondering what your personal opinion on Samus as a trans woman is, and if there are any video game characters or tv/movie characters you headcanon as trans?

I think someone that I reblogged just recently summed up well why I’m not a fan. Calling Samus a trans woman is very heavily leaning on stereotypes that trans women essentially ‘look like men’, with muscles and height and such.

In regards to trans characters, there are a few I headcanon/are technically considered canon. Birdo is one, as is Poison from Final Fight (for canonical ones). I also headcanon Vivian from Paper Mario, and her sisters, are trans women, but I probably wouldn’t think that if not for the knowledge that in Japan the three were men. In general I think this article has some good information on it.