1. The way you touch the back of your neck when youre embarrassed, its adorable.

2. You look beautiful when you read.

3. When you send me 2am messages telling me you just stopped at that donut place I liked and how you just ‘needed’ to tell me its open at night, just in case.

4. Your eyes.

5. The way you tousle your hair.

6. The way you debate. Literally the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.

7. Your impromptu hugs

—  7 things about you that I appreciate//Devotion To Lover X(2) //AD//

Maybe life

is just a distant


No one

ever knowing

what it’s for

A constant flux

within a


Deception of

the mind and

nothing more

It appears to be

Rosetta Stone

is broken

The lock is there

but somehow



lost the key

Girl who likes be alone

Girl who likes to be alone,

someone fell for you across the tables, 

Girl who likes silences 

Someone wants to sing to you

Girl who sleeps an hour longer than world, 

Someone stays awake to know you more, 

Girl who smiles a little sad, a little smug, 

Someone wanna kiss you,

Girl who dislikes ringtones and alarms, 

Someone wanna read poetry to you

Girl who likes to be alone, 

Someone loves you, 

But don’t worry, dear girl, 

They won’t steal your solitude, 

Wanna leave you alone, 

Don’t wanna leave you lonely. 

My heart is flickering in my chest.
Bouncing around inside my ribs and bruising me.
You bruised me.

I never asked for any of this.
I wouldn’t.
How can I ask for something I can’t articulate?

There’s nothing here, and yet…
If there was nothing to say, why say what you did?

Your words, despite my efforts, have burrowed under my skin and lodged there
and slowly, silently seeped into my bloodstream
spreading too far to eliminate in one attempt.

It is a sickness, and a weakness that you have borne in me.
It is not something that either of us want.
It is not something that I ever intended to feel.

Did I make a mistake, opening my home?
Did I make a mistake, forgetting your nature?

Just because I care, it doesn’t mean that you’ll respect me.
Just because I was happy in one moment, it doesn’t mean we would be.

Your silence is screaming:
“this is the sound of my insignificance”,
and I have no choice but to be okay with that.

—  'flicker' by A.J. Brodie

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Don’t try to win what has already been won, because your life had been redeemed before it ever begun - Dino Elefante

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