Heather Hell (FUNERAL) by inthestyleofwinona featuring scrunchie hair accessories

Rare London black velvet dress, $16 / Classic black dress / Warehouse button shirt, $73 / H M black velvet skirt, $24 / DailyLook net tight / Navy opaque tight / Wet Seal sheer black tight / Monki black chelsea boots, $58 / Heels & pumps / Pointed flat shoes, $32 / Charlotte Russe black ballet shoes / Waist cincher belt / Scrunchie hair accessory

Headcannon that after Veronica,Heather M.,and Martha became the queer platonic power throuple of westerberg the head honchos of westerberg a big majority of the school had a serious change of heart,Heather Duke included. She was even admitted into their group. When Martha found out about Heather D.’s bulimia she became very concerned for her and started following her around to make sure she wasn’t hurting herself and making sure she was eating well and telling her that she’s beautiful in more ways than her physical appearance.


jd + warning signs of abusive relationships (musical)
—if any of this sounds familiar to you, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (US)