Captain Swan x Veronica and Logan 

I was inspired, after a long dry spell, to make a captain swan recap thanks to the talk of Veronica Mars on my dash. So here you go. I cut one line out to make it work. 

remember in plan b when veronica goes “dance with me” to logan to get him away from gia and like hi veronica we see you we see what you’re doing we all know you just wanted that boy to dance with you ok we’re so on to you “dance with me” was seriously the best excuse you could think of? you’re veronica mars and you came up with DANCE WITH ME not like oh “so and so who we’re both working for as volunteers needed your help over there” but DANCE WITH ME shirk our mutual responsibilities and dance with me and then she literally holds his hand and takes him to the dance floor like mission accomplished y’all you are away from gia you don’t actually have to dance now bUT THEY DO they’re idiots and they both wanted to dance together anyway so they just like/??? KILL ME


veronica mars movie anniversary
favourite moment of character development

Obviously the whole film is about Veronica’s development, her acceptance of who she really is. But this moment just struck me as a beautiful instance showing how both she and Logan have already grown. Logan’s ready to be open and honest with her; he’s willing to be vulnerable and possibly judged. He’s not expecting unconditional trust, but is ready to earn it by trusting her in return. And Veronica’s no longer asking him to fight for every inch of trust she’s willing to give. She’s not looking for a reason to disbelieve him any more. She knows who Logan is, and that’s enough.