CrackAU: After Veronica left Hearst Dick goaded Logan into taking a Life art class, If you’re wondering why Dick wanted to take a life art class, it’s fairly simple; nude models were supposedly used in said classes and nude models=Dick. Fortunately for the models there was no nudity in the vicinity of Dick. But before the class was over a most surprising thing happened, Logan discovered a passion for the creative arts. 9 years on Logan owns 2 galleries and teaches a class at a Neptune retirement village. That is until his famous Girlfriend, a renowned pop-artist is murdered.


A request from her life-long friend sends renowned photographer, April (Bree Williamson), back to her hometown of Belmont Hills. The trip is just what April needs as she struggles to decide whether or not to take a job offer that, though lucrative, will take her even further away from her artistic roots. Her return, however, puts her face to face with the reason she escaped Belmont Hills in the first place, Luke (Jason Dohring), the love of her youth and the man who broke her heart. Once creative partners who dominated the local art scene, April and Luke haven’t spoken in years. Convinced that April is his long-lost muse, Luke’s daughter Jess (Caitlin Carmichael), persuades them to create art together once again. Thrown back into each other’s lives, Luke and April reawaken their passion for art and rediscover feelings they had long been missing. With the clock ticking away at the chance to accept her extravagant job offer, the nostalgia of the life April left behind pushes her to question what her heart truly wants.

"Am I the only one who thinks it’s creepy that Ben is standing in the window watching when Veronica and Logan have their first kiss? I wonder why no one caught that in production."

Note: To the confessor, I’m sorry I can’t post your pic. You sent me a dead link, so I have no idea which scene you wanted to use. And I watched the scene over and over again, and I didn’t see Ben anywhere. Maybe it was just a shadow.