Thank you for featuring my work! I do appreciate the exposure, and am delighted that you’ve been enjoying the things i’ve drawn.

However: Please, please, please stop reposting more than half of my tumblr onto your articles. That’s really not very nice of you. I’ve spent countless hours drawing these things on my own time and when you do this you’re doing little more than using my work to funnel pageviews to your article & website for revenue.

Some of you even ripped the process gif out of my FAQs to stick into your articles, which made me saddest. You went all the way into the FAQs! You could have talked to me first; the askbox was right there. :(

Obviously this is the internet and I can’t make anyone do anything, but i’d really like it if you stuck to only reposting a handful* of images so that people can come here to look at the rest!  

Thanks for your time,

sparrows x

*A handful being five or fewer. Or six, if you happen to have some sort of polydactyly.