Happy international women’s day

some relevant warcraft ladies

Magna Aegwynn: Matriarch of Tirisfal

Lady Jaina Proudmoore: Leader of the Kirin Tor

Garona Halforcen: Grand master of the assasin’s guild

Queen Azshara: former queen of the Kaldorei, empress of Nazjatar

Alexstrasza: Dragon queen, the life-binder

Eonar: The lifebinder

Tyrande Whisperwind: High priestess of Elune

Shandris Feathermoon: General of the sentinel army

Lady Vashj: Coilfang matron

Maiev Shadowsong: Leader of the watchers

Ysera: The dreamer

Elune: The moon goddess

Alleria Windrunner: Ranger captain of the alliance expedition

Vereesa Windrunner: Ranger general of the silver covenant

Sylvanas Windrunner: former Ranger general of Silvermoon, The banshee queen

Lady Liadrin: Blood Knight Matriarch

Chromie: Ambassador of the bronze dragonflight

Freya: Titan watcher


Warlord Zaela: Leader of the dragonmaw

Greatmother Geyah: Leader of the Mag’har

Moira Thaurissan: Queen regent of the Dark Iron clan

Therazane: The stone mother


Brigitte Abbendis: High General of the scarlet Onslaught


Onyxia: Princess of the black dragonflight

Vanessa Vanclef: Defias Brotherhood Kingpin

Theradras: Princess of the earth elementals

Soridormi: Queen of the Bronze Dragonflight

Sindragosa: The frostbrood queen

Blood queen Lana’thel: Queen of the san’layn

Lady Deathwhisper: Supreme Overseer of the Cult of the Damned

Queen Angerboda: Queen of the vrykul

High Inquisitor Sally Whitemane: High Inquisitor of the Scarlet Crusade

Sinestra/sintharia: Queen of the black dragonflight

Upon arrival to Outland...
  • Illidan:Hey thanks for saving me from Arthas guys, I guess I couldn't take him after all.
  • Vashj:Of course, Illidan. You are a trusted ally and a friend. We would not just leave you there to die.
  • Kael:Eh, I sort of need you to give me that satiating magic you promised me.
  • Illidan:Kael'thas, my trusted friend, as a reward for your undying loyalty, I shall allocate unto you, the Northern region of Netherstorm. This area is rich with arcane energy and advanced Naaru technology to harvest it. I know how you guys love that stuff.
  • Kael: Sweet.
  • Vashj:What about me Illidan?
  • Illidan:Oh, snake-thingies like water right? You can live in the swamp.
  • Vashj:Swamp, huh? Uhh, got anywhere else with water?
  • Illidan:Nope sorry. But if you want you can live in the sewers of my palace. Kael, you should totally set up at my palace! I'll even give you your own wing of my palace full of concubines and babes!
  • Kael: Oh, jeez um...sure...I guess.
  • Vashj:I am sensing some favouritism going on here...
  • Illidan:Oh come on Vashj, Kael and I are both elves. We "get" each other. We have a bond that you could never understand, this guy could never EVER betray me and make a secret pact with a lieutenant of the Burning Legion behind my back.
  • Kael: ...