Vanessa Kimball came to the city with her four lieutenants. The reason unknown, but the Reds and Blues suspect it has something to do with the Mercenaries they previously ran in to. She points them out to a large warehouse that the Informant had mentioned to them staying, “A lot of weird characters go in and out of there, but I bet a lot of your questions can be answered if you ask. The people there helped me and the guys out when our car broke down and I overheard something like your situation being talked about. Good luck boys.”

If all goes well, I SHOULD have the blues up next, but I said that last time to myself and kimball got done instead. I know she uses a DMR, but for the pose it looked odd? Sorry;;;; (Also did you know her armor is tan/cobalt? it looks…gray in the show sometimes so i didn’t know that lol)

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Why Kimball is Going to be Awesome

Its been a topic of frequent discussion, both how cool the ladies of RVB are and the problematic issues involved as well. Cause no one is perfect.

Basically what it usually rounds down to is “we didnt see enough beyond their trope to round out their character before they died” (usually resulting in badass bitch trope, though we see Sister has her own…. trope thing going on).

But so far Kimball has done some things that RVB ladies don’t tend to do. And we’ve already seen some interesting charcteristics shining through.

  1. Kimball said the words “I cant do this alone” without expecting them to automatically go for it.
  2. She has relied more on the power of others and her communication skills to get things done instead of just beating things up personally. Though I really don’t doubt she could considering in the trailer where everyone’s seen doing something to express their character she’s calmly checking over her weapon.
  3. She has expressed doubt, both in her opinions that they may be wrong and in the success of her set missions both long term and short term.
  4. But at the same time has shown determination to complete the mission and do what has to be done. She’s not strong because she is fearless, but because she faces her defeats and presses forward.
  5. She keeps logs. This implies she keeps track of stuff. She habitually records what happens. But at the same time she’s is unable to remember what number the log is out of frustration with her situation. She ain’t perfect.
  6. She talked to the ladies in Simmons’ squad. As I said earlier she’s a communicator. She talks to her subordinates and works things out that way. THIS IS PROBABLY THE RAREST TRAIT OF ANY RVB CHARACTER FEMALE OR NOT. THIS IS REALLY GOOD.

So far Kimball’s been more rounded out than most female characters RVB has thrown at us before. And frankly? I like that.

I look forward to getting to know her.