Archer & Armstrong

Armstrong a heavy drinking, wanderer. One of three brothers who have walked the Earth since ancient Mesopotamia. Archer was raised by an ancient cult with the sole purpose of one day killing him.

Find out what happens when Archer gets the chance to fulfill the destiny he thought was his. Great humor, and the action of a Kung Fu movie.

Comics to Read Today, 9/3

It’s September! Time to go back to school and DC to do those crazy ass variants!

Let’s start with a first issue and I have a good one for you this week

I’m a big fan of Jen Van Meter - she excels at both world building and creating vivid characters to drop into those worlds. Here newest effort from Valiant showcases those skills. Dr. Mirage aka Shan Fon is a paranormal investigator who is suffering from the death of her husband. Most recently she’s taking on gigs ala the “Long Island Medium”  because she needs the money. But then she is brought a client tied to paranormal research from WW II. There’s a lot of exposition in this issue but it is interesting exposition that lets us get to know and like Shan despite her prickly personality. It also builds some dread around her latest client giving the last page a sense of danger. The artwork by Roberto De La Torre is loose and evocative and helps build a sense of the mystery and eeriness. Pick this one up and let me know what you think.

I’m hit or miss with Peter Milligan but Vertigo has been doing well with new titles. According to Milligan “‘The Names’ is a story about money, it’s a story about power. It’s a story about one 25-year-old woman who goes up against that money and power: Katya, who’s our hero.” Not loving the cover, though.

I was not provided with preview copy so let me know what you think.

How can I say not to the guy who created the late, great Starling from Birds of Prey? No female lead here, but the male lead has a interesting talent that gets him in and out of trouble - he can read people’s intentions by color. This is a gritty story and I’m not 100% in love with the art but Swierczynski made me interested to pick up issue #2.

I love this book. Now with extra Hawkeye. (Is it wrong to hope for BOTH Hawkeyes?

Uh oh, Jen’s got her glasses on - someone is going down.

The architect is back which I just see as confirmation Gates of Gotham happened which means Cass Cain is around SOMEWHERE.

This book …. brrrrrrrr. Serial Killers.

That’s it for me. I know given the headline I should buy at least one motion variant. I’m on the fence about Grayson: Futures End as the art in the preview didn’t really work for me. Also why didn’t that motion cover have Dick facing the other way to tie in with the title?

What’s on your list? And let me know what you think about any of the books you picked up!

Discover Tabletop Roleplaying

I was pointed at a site this morning and I’m immediately sharing it as much as I can.

While obviously I’m hoping you’ll be interested in giving our Shadowrun, Cosmic Patrol or Valiant Universe RPGs a try, ultimately I’m an equal opportunity pusher. I just want you playing games. And in this case, if you’ve not already done so, I’m hoping you’ll be willing to give an RPG a try.

Discover Tabletop Roleplaying is a great resource, with videos talking about how you role-play, why we role-play, the RPG influence on culture, and more. Additionally, it’s got a great page of 36 different RPGs that cover a very nice gamut of poisons, along with quick details of what each settings like, why you might like the RPG, where you can go to grab free quick-start rules, additional information, and of course the full game.

I’ve included the covers of those 36 RPGs here as there’s some brilliant art and graphic design…and hopefully something in there will spark your imagination and you’ll want to click on that link above!


Five years ago, I don’t think any of us would’ve expected to see a big superhero event comic written by Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt — but the biggest draw for me is the art team of Paolo Rivera and Joe Rivera. Thanks to his work on books like Amazing Spider-Man and Daredevil, Paolo Rivera is easily one of the best artists in comics today — and when he draws Bloodshot kicking the living crap out of a door, it looks amazing.


How To Roleplay: A Free PDF Comic Guide!

A few months back I ran a series of posts on the creation of a How To Roleplay comic (Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4). In a classic example of our anal—err our attention to detail, we and Valiant went round and round for a good long time after those posts as we kept kicking it, massaging it, tweaking…you get the idea.

But it’s the start of 2015, and it’s a perfect time to unleash what I hope will be a very useful free PDF.

From the previous posts, here’s a look at the final page 1: 

And while you can just grab the free PDF, for those wondering what this might be about before you click on a link, here’s a look at the Introduction.

Obviously this is Valiant-centered. Yet it really provides an excellent look at what it means to role-play, regardless of your poison (scifi, fantasy, noir, cyberpunk, historical, mystery, Cthulhu…you name it, there’s an RPG for it).

If you’ve ever wondered if roleplaying is for you, take a look at the free PDF and see. If you’re already a role-player and think you know a few friends that might be enticed to role-play based on this PDF, by all means, share it as far and as wide as you can.

Visit the Valiant Universe RPG page and download the free pdf!

And hopefully some more people will discover the joy of roleplaying in the process…