(Shoes from yesfor.com)

Blue dress because it should have been my acet today. A part of me is relieved that it didn’t push through but then it’s just going to prolong the agony!! However, after studying yesterday I realized how blessed I am that it didn’t happen. I was so unprepared lol. So hmm, I should be grateful then. I just hope they would move it after the sembreak so I could study more but that sounds impossible?? I’m also scared because there’s this voice behind me saying that it’s going to be scheduled around our 2nd periodical tests……… just like what happened during the upcat! Huhu I can’t let that happen. 

Moving on to my outfit, the dress is pretty simple and I love it as it is! Perfect for lazy dressing days. Lately I realized how lazy I’ve become and shoot it’s the worst. I don’t know if it’s because of my lack of inspiration or if I’m just really tired. Heh. I hope this phase would pass! I tried to dress it up by wearing my Valentino inspired heels from yesfor!! And it looks okay??? I wore this to the mall and I noticed how everyone looked at them lol. I suggest you get one for yourself! It can easily make your outfit!!

That’s it for today’s post!! From my observation I’m quite energized to write something with sense today (did i even write with sense lol) this is probably the product of good sleep and of course, the lovely news of the suspension of classes!! I hope everyone’s safe though!