LIPS, LIPS, LIPS - P.O.T.W - Deborah Lippmann - all about the base

  • Deborah Lippmann - all about the base
  • Sally Hansen - red carpet + bubblegum pink
  • Color Club - wicker park
  • O.P.I. - kiss me on my tulips
  • silver bows from BORNPRETTYSTORE.COM

This is the last look using Deborah Lippmann All about the base. Visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches.

anonymous asked:

Do you ever think abt Grester in their entirety? Seriously, like from CampTakota, to SideEffects, C.O.O.L, NoFilter, PlayList, London, the pool house, France, Hawaii, Vidcon, the house, Hannah's NoFilter, the Streamys, her birthday/Tahiti, New York, the E! announcement, Gooster, the Golden Globes, RoA Closing party, UK book tour, Valentine's Day, show premier week, his birthday/CostaRica & everything in between. And to think, it all started w/ a simple, improvised forehead kiss.

please add “improvised forehead kiss,” to my grave site thx


So I was searching Mercury Retrograde because I’ve been curious about it and I came across this picture that there was already a Mercury Retrograde beginning of the year around the 21st of Jan-11th of Feb and it literally freaked me out because around Valentine Day weekend like that week we had a rough week and like everything was so messed up and we planned a vacation that weekend. I went to go see my boyfriend but everything was so jacked up and things were happening out of our control that I almost had to cancel seeing my boyfriend. THIS EXPLAINED SO MUCH OF WHAT HAS HAPPENED FEW MONTHS AGO. We didn’t know why every bad thing kept happening out of nowhere and I think I found my answer! 

Mercury Retrograde you suck. 



i feel weird, this is a weird year for me, i don’t get anything and i don’t get why i don’t get anything and i don’t care that i don’t get anything. my mom has been gone for a month and i can’t stop listening to carly rae jepson. i broke up with a boy on valentines day. in the past week and a half i’ve had jimmy johns 4 times. i’ve gone to the bathroom more times in the past hour than i did all day yesterday. my boss is 26 years older than me and he’s the cutest person i’ve seen in a long time unless you count a picture of zac efron and even then i’m not so sure. one day a boy told me i look too beautiful to have ever cried in my entire life. a different day a different boy told me he wants to wake up next to me every morning. a different day a different boy said i was the prettiest girl in the room and he keeps getting lost in my eyes. a different day a different boy stopped in the middle of what he was doing to stare and then approached me to tell me i was gorgeous and i felt so disgusting after that i soaked myself and exfoliated until i was red. i don’t think i care about any of that but if i don’t then why did i just write about it? i’ve been trying to read the golden compass for 3 weeks and i still haven’t gotten to page 2. i saw cats having a threesome 4 houses down from me. one of my good friends is graduating in a week and on the last day of classes she was dressed in a black dress and floppy hat and looked like the most beautiful witch i’ve ever seen. i bought drug paraphernalia but i don’t have any drugs. i walked through a forest during the golden hour and i keep wearing carmex on my lips even though it smells bad. if jess mariano asked me to run away with him i would say yes without thinking. i have a lot going on and i can’t stop thinking about how much i have going on but not actually doing anything about it. too many important people are coming home this week and it’s too much for me to handle. my haircut makes me look old and the only thing i’m certain about is that i’m not actually certain about anything and i never really have been. i remember what i was doing on the 22nd of every month this year so far.